A Simple Tutorial - My first stuffing game

The only evil action you can take is eat the supply crates. Aside from that, everything is okay to do.

If you didnt eat those and defeated the manager, it should allow you to go to the storage during the dialogue with Craig afterwards. If that doesnt happen, it must be a glitch. It didn’t happen with anyone else I let test the game, so it cant be a common one. Did you perhaps do something out of the ordinary while in the hideout?

Alright, I was just wondering if there were any instant death traps that you had to work for.

I spammed Z on everything and tried some combos on the altar, but aside from that I didn’t do anything intentionally glitchy, no. I’ll continue from an earlier save–before I entered the bandit building–and let you know if it fixes anything :slight_smile:

The main character is pretty cool. And the game is a pretty fun romp to go through. However there are some pretty big and large issues that I genuinely did -not- like. And it kind of made things juuust a little more annoying.

First I think there were too many times where the game ‘leads’ you to where you’re supposed to go, instead of you traveling yourself, then locks you out of returning. While it’s very true that when you’re finished with an area, there’s no reason to go back, but however feeling restricted to going backwards to grab something important, or maybe to simply explore, really hurts the feeling of immersion by making you go, “Why can’t I go back and check to see what I missed?”

The biggest and frankly, the most aggravating example of this is trying to figure out how to get the super ending where you’re able to get into the fridge. I had done 3 separate full playthroughs of the entire game and even then I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do. It was only after I read a post made by loveiswhat69 that I learned that you had to immediately go to the treasure chest RIGHT after you get the storeroom key. And if you don’t do that, you’re stuck until your next playthrough. Why is that? Because you can’t exit the food storage area without clearing it all out and you’re locked out of it. And if you go to the chest after the eating, it’s empty. And since you can’t go back into the store, you’re completely locked out of it. What’s even worse was that because I found out about this while I had a save -right- before fighting the manager, I tried to go back to the chest and… of course… I’m locked out and -have- to go back to fight the manager, knowing that I had to just go back to the chest to get the key. Meaning that I have to do another entire playthrough to 100% the game to get the final ending.

While I don’t mind having two endings, one where you eat the supply crate and the other when you don’t eat the supply crate, I do feel like it’s just a little bit vague on when you’re supposed to open the special chest. And being locked out of so many places, really does feel far more linear and restricts exploration, which is a major key in RPGs.

I have to give the game a 7.8 out of 10. The writing was very enjoyable and a few lines did make me smile. However the combat does feel a bit repetitive and the constant lock outs made exploration feel a bit lacking.

Wait, so people don’t instinctively open every chest, and read the notes left inside them?


What can i do after i have beaten the thief at the chest? i have been looking for half an hour and i dont know what to do.

If you have the password from him, you gotta go west to the old building with the doorguard.

I still cant find it :{

Go up the road again to the Wage Den, then from there west until there is another path south, follow that path and then you should be infront of a big rectangular building. Interact with where the path ends at the building and you should be able to continue.

Thank you very much :smile: