A small Voracious update everyday til May.

Hey folks!

I’ve come to the conclusion that despite Zelda:BotW, Warhammer and IRL drama eating up most of my time the last month, I need to get my ass in gear with this game again. It’s been a long time since any progress was made besides test games, and lots of stuff remains unfinished, SO! Herein I have set myself a small challenge. Every weekday from now until the start of May, I will be doing at least a small amount of work on Voracious! and posting what I have done on that day here as proof to both myself and my players that I’m sticking to it. For every day I miss, I will mark it down, and you guys can think of a suitable punishment for the lazy ass vixen to suffer for not getting of her fat lazy ass.

Starting tomorrow of course! I have plans for tonight!

Keep on chomping!

Day 1: Added more advancements for classes.