a souls like rouge like inflation game idea

greetings: i have a idea for a neet thing that is a game first inflation material second but due to crippling self-worth i feel as though i will not be able to make this game.
hopefull: but maybe if i post my (admittedly massive) game idea and details here someone might pick it up to test their skills or in a bout of “fuck it ill do it myself.” and do something with it
warning: since i like to go a little crazy with my ideas this post will be LONG.


there are no humans as they’ve gone extinct due too the mystery at the bottom of the depths(thats what the skeletons and ghosts are)
beasts are bipedal as they look like wolf men or women
every living thing in the depths is female because i say so :robot:
no nsfw bits shall be seen so no nipples and such
the name shall be growing darkness
i think it will work best in 3d

The fullness meter (what alot of yall are interested in)

the fullness meter. it kinda works like the fuel bar in tribal hunter but expanded(heh) on
the fullness meter starts at 1000 points with each body part holding 250 points each
you become immobile when a meter reaches 50 points or less remaining
the fullness meter can be filled with
-food aka “fuel” it slows and weighs you down, acts like MP for spells, slowly drains into the stamina meter(think of it as your remaining stamina) when no fuel is left you slowly start taking damage/ food can be found in the depths and uncommonly drops off of enemies./ it drains slowly over time/it affect the belly
-air is used to activate pinwheels and windmills and makes you float when falling reducing fall damage/ air can be slowly built up by using the inhale ability, puff pills, or tanks in the depths/ it drains over time and can be exhaled out/ it affects everything
-helium makes you jump better but if over done will make you helplessly float upward/ helium can be found in tanks in the depths or in light puff pills/ helium drains slower then air but faster then fuel can not be exhaled out/it affects everything
-water can be used to fill water tanks and slowly heals you overtime(1hp every 10 seconds)/it can be found in fountains/naturally in the depths or uncommonly drops off of enemies/water slowly drains overtime and can be shot out as a attack or puzzle solution/ it affects the belly and thighs
-blessed water will heal you much faster over time then normal water(1hp every 5 seconds)/ it can be found rarely as a healing fountain or rarely dropped off of enemies/ it drains faster then water cant be shot out/it affects the belly and thighs
-slime comes in many colors
green slime will cause your belly to grow and increase your vitality stat
blue slime will cause your belly to grow more then the green slime but no stat change
red slime will cause your arms to bulk up and increase your strength stat
yellow slime will cause your thighs to grow and increase your dexterity stat
orange slime will cause your breasts to grow and increase your intelligence stat
rainbow slime will cause everything to grow and increase all stats
purple slime will cause everything to grow more then the rainbow slime but no stat change
slime can be found as pools on the ground touching it will fill you they can be a rarely encountered enemy buffing other organic enemies and/it will only drain with slime-be-gone-pills and when defeating a boss and the super rare black anitslime item
-milk will heal you even more then blessed water (1hp every second) but has a slight chance to give you a permanent debuff milk when draining has is a 1% chance to give the milky debuff which causes you to start slowly produce milk making it so you need to be milked/ milk is only obtained rarely off of enemies dropping it skeletons have a higher chance to drop it and made with the milky debuff/milk drains faster then blessed water produced milk can be drained by hand before it reaches a set point after that point a auto milking machine in rest areas are needed/ drank milk affects the belly produced milk affects the breasts.
-mass is useless. it slows and weighs you down like fuel but give no buffs and takes up space in the fullness meter/ it can be given by curse traps, hexing enemies,
and some sinned items/it can only be removed by finding purifying pools and some legendary items./ affects every part slowly
-dark power will give a type of attack a vampire effect but missing will damage the user/ can be found from shadow wells ghost type enemies a rare item drop from ghosts and missing will make it build up more/drains when healing from attacks or standing in large amounts of light(i.e next to torches or direct sunlightshafts)/ it affects arms, thighs, and breasts randomly based on what stat it affects
-juice is like a poison/ it can be given by eating bursting fruit items or built up by enemy attacks/ it will not drain unless a de-juicer is used/ it affects everything
-poison gel/ works just like water but will drain hp at the same speed/ it is given by plant enemies and absorbs any water and turns it into poison gel


stats work like this
vitality: your max hp and resistances/is tied to the belly and the color green
stamina: your max stamina and roll distance/it goes down the fuller you are with fuel,water,mass or slime and is tied to the color blue
strength: damage with strength weapons, being able to use better strength weapons and lifting heavy objects in the depths/is tied to the arms and the color red
dexterity: damage with dexterity weapons, being able to use better dexterity weapons and jumping distance/ is tied to the thighs and the color yellow
intelligence: damage with spells, using better spells and puzzle clues get highlighted/ is tied to the breasts and the color orange
leveling up does not make you grow.

Size statuses

-when belly is too large gain wobbly/ move side to side slightly effect worsens at larger sizes
-when arms are to large gain over exert/ damage may double or recoil half of the damage to you
-when thighs are to large gain tumble/ either double iframes from a roll or cause a double roll where the second one has no iframes
-when breasts are to large gain hot’n bothered/ spells will either double in power or in cost, also cant milk one self if milk is in breasts

the karma system

karma is a stat that can’t be leveled.
it goes up and down with actions and items/rooms found i:e finding a duplicate weapon will raise the karma
item rooms rarities affect karma as so
common(grey) item rooms raise karma by good bit
uncommon(green) item rooms raise karma by a little bit
rare(blue) item rooms lower karma by a super small amount
epic(purple) item rooms lower karma by quite a bit
legendary(orange) item rooms lower karma all the way
sinned(black) items debuff you as soon as you pick it up and rase karma all the way to the top
random rooms can effect karma as so
if the room has enemies it raises karma slightly
if the room has a random mini-boss raise karma by a fair bit
if the room has a surprise boss fight raise karma by a large amount
if the room is empty lower karma by a bit
if the room has a chest spawn after enemies are defeated karma is slightly goes down(you get slightly more karma then lost from the chest)
if the room has a locked wood chest lower karma by a little bit
if the room has a unlocked wood chest lower karma by a little bit more
if the room has a locked gold chest lower karma by a fair bit
if the room has a unlocked gold chest lower karma by a fair bit more
if a weapon spawns lower karma or raise karma if a duplicate.
giving stuff to a begger will raise karma depending on items given values.
killing a begger will lower karma all the way

The enemies

the enemy types are (note most enemies drop food, bottled water, gold, exp, weapons, ammo, fragments, and pills)
-kolbolds/ they can be inflated with everything/they drop gold pouches, whatever weapon they had, and throwing knifes/ always spawn in packs
-beasts/ they can be inflated with everything/ they drop raw meat and pelts/ raw meat will poison you if eaten
-slime / they can only be inflated with the same color slime, air or helium/ they drop slime cores and globs of their color/ will try to fill everyone they can, cant die from overstuff, larger ones fill more, slime core gives bloat and glob gives growth, weak to fire and water
-skeleton/ cant be inflated at all/ they drop milk/ resists slash damage weak against blunt, glowing eyes means revives once
-ghost/ can only be inflated with dark power/ they drop cursed marks and souls/ can only be damaged by spells and light, souls give exp cursed marks will either give dark power or mass, will give other non-ghost enemies dark power sometimes
-automata/ cant be inflated/ they drop power core, automata cannons and rarely the automata heart/ super defensive but weak to lightning damage, power core is a powerfull lightning bomb and the automata heart is a spell that will summon a automata
-dragon/ can be inflated with everything/ will drop gold chests, fire cores, and rarely the draconian strain/ super defensive with no weaknesses, only one per-room, fire cores a super fire bombs, gold chest will sometimes be unlocked, draconian strain will give you enhanced defense twice as much fullness meter scales but drain more fuel
-Eldredge/ can’t be inflated/ rarely drops dark pact/ will give any debuff, will fill you with anything good or bad, dark pact makes it so kills give a bit of dark power to a attack stat of your choice.
-Plant/ can only be inflated with water/ rarely drops antidote and or poison ball/ will grab anyone close and start to fill them with poison gel /poison ball fills people with poison gel


areas you can encounter are (note slimes spawn everywere so does water fountans and tanks)
-forest/mobs: kolbolds,beasts, and rarely skeletons/objects of note: curse wood(will very slowly fill you with mass) farmlands(can buy milk and food here but eating grass might give you milky) giving tree (might give you a rare item based on your karma)
-keep/ mobs: kolbolds, Skeletons, beasts, rarely ghosts/ objects of note: the feast(gives a ton of food items super rare), the armory(has a high chance to obtain a rare weapon), dark altar(slowly fills you with dark power chance to find a item that affects dark power)
-the crypts/mobs: skeletons, kolbolds, ghosts, rarely automatas and super rarely dragons/ objects of note: the breach (will give either a rare item or spawn a eldrege enemy), lone grave(giving a item to the grave may give you a permanent ghost pal), mirror room(completing a puzzle will spawn a shaft of light in every crypt room when cleared of enemies)
-the foundry/mobs: ghosts, skeletons, automatas. rarely Eldredge and super rarely dragons/objects of note: atuo anvil(upgrades a weapon quality for free), the defense systems(with high intelligence auto turrets can be used to help you, with low intelligence it will break them stopping auto turrets),the scrap heep(can find random items rarely finds the scrap axe)
-the core?/mobs: everything/unique objects of note: the crack(have a chance to fight a boss with a higher chance at a boss weapon), hot springs?(will heal you quickly but inflate a random part of you with mass faster then usual), dragon nest( fight two dragons in a row for the dragon egg which works either buff you with infinite fuel or incubate to become a small dragon pal)
-the core/mobs none/objects of note, the final fight.
-secret slime city/mobs: kolbolds, beasts, and slimes/ objects of note: the pool(a large pool of a random colored slime that has a super rare item of that slime color in the middle), slime RX(sells pills and gives 3 free pills) the casinos( gamble money to win prizes losses are given in the form of purple slime)


the pills work like this
there will be 3 versions of pills. full/dotted/half
the design is random for each effect
stat growth: the stat will go up permanently with no growth
growth: the stat will go up temporarily with growth of body part
bloat: the stat will slowly keep going up and size will keep growing until the boss is killed, a bloat cure is found, or popping/death.
there are random pills with random color/designs that do random things i:e heal/harm, bloat cure/all bloat(all stats version of single bloat), stat growth/stat shrink/all stat growth, random growth/all growth/slime-b-gone, stupid shit like reversed controls for 10 seconds, pixel vision, and dropping a full heal but bring your hp to 1.

Inflating others

most of the time inflating enemies has its benefits
-filling a enemy with food will make them almost permanently immobile as food drains slowly if strong enough can be thrown like a boulder
-filling a enemy with water will make them immobile for quite a bit and weaker to slash and poke damage like with food can be picked up and thrown having a 50% to pop splashing others with water making them weak to lightning damage pops on death splashing water everywhere
-filling a enemy with air will make them immobile for a short time making them weak to slash and poke damage can be tossed easily hitting and knocking over other enemies or having a 25% of popping causing massive knock back pops on death knocking people back
-filling a enemy with helium causes them to float up and be weaker to slash and poke damage they can be road on as a sorta hot air balloon tossed at enemies causing knockdowns and having a 50% chance to pop filling others with helium quite a bit pops on death filling people with helium
-filling a enemy with blessed water makes them immobile but immortal for a bit can be thrown having a 10% of popping splashing others in blessed water healing them
-filling a enemy with slime has different effects but the content is when most of them are killed a large slime of the largest color in them comes out
-green slime makes them immobile but have a ton of hp
-blue slime just make them immobile
-red slime makes them immobile but fling large boulders at you
-yellow slime makes them immobile but toss hyper fast knifes or fire hyper fast arrows at you
-orange slime makes them immobile but cast super powerfull raw magic spells at you
-rainbow slime makes them just out right huge and a boss level threat they drop a super rare item instead
-purple slime will just make them immobile too
-filling a enemy with milk is rare but if filled with milk they will be immobile and immortal for a few seconds then they will stand back up with a stronger version of the milky debuff which they can use to shot milk at their allies or you. if they get to big their allies will go to them to try to milk them if no one is around and they cant milk they will become immobile and 5 seconds latter pop splashing milk everywere giving everyone hit the stronger milky debuff for 20 seconds you included
-filling a enemy with mass makes them permanently immobile and a easy target or wall
-filling a enemy with dark power will actually mutate them into a unique eldrige enemy that starts filling everyone up with dark power or mass
-filling a enemy with juice is like water but instead of making others wet when popping instead it will give the juice debuff to them. they will also pop on their own after 10 second of being immobile


items that you may find
-mysterious soup/ heals 40% of max hp refills at rest points
-food/ comes in may flavors heals hp slightly instantly, fills the fullness meter
-water bottle/ comes in 3 sizes small(25), medium(50) and large(100), heals slightly more hp then food
-blessed water bottle/ comes in the same sizes as normal water, heals more then normal water
-milk/ comes in box(25), quart(50), and gallon(100), does not heal instantly
-health potion/ comes in small, medium, and large, best non soup healing item
-bombs/ comes in normal, fire, lightning, water, cyro, smoke, and curse,
-pump/ fills you or others with air better then by yourself has infinite uses
-portable helium tank/ fills yourself with helium sometime you just need to fly or jump better is bottomless
-souls/ gives exp comes in weary confident glorious and heroic
-gold sacks/ gives gold comes in small, medium, large, and overflowing.
-slime glop/ works like a growth pill
-slime core/ works like a bloat pill
-anti slime glop/ lowers slime by a set amount
-anti slime core/ slowly drains all slime in you until the boss dies
-full heal/does what it says, super rare
-stamina booster/ slows down stamina drain allowing for more attacks or further sprinting
-burst fruit/gives the juice debuff
-de-juicer/ removes the juice debuff
-antidote/ removes any poison

buffs and debuffs

buffs and debuffs (that aren’t just bloat)
-satisfied/fuel does not drain to refill stamina, ravenous/ fuel drain is twice as fast
-clogged/ air, helium, both waters, and milk do not drain over time and the waters and milk do not heal milky debuff wont proc,
-draining/ lower air,helium,both waters, and milk faster the heal is half as good


gear slots are like this
you get two melee weapons slots and two ranged weapons slots a shield slot and ten item slots
weapons you can use
-dexterity focused melee weapons: daggers, short swords, rapiers, whips, katanas, curved swords,
-dexterity focused ranged weapons: throwing knifes, shortbows, bolas, small autotama cannon
-strength focused melee weapons: greatswords, greataxes, hammers, great hammers, halberds,
-strength focused ranged weapons: greatbows, rocks, boulders, large automata cannon
-strength dex mix melee weapons: bastard swords, spears, great katanas, great curved swords, glaves
-strength dex mix ranged weapons: longbow, javelin, medium automata cannon
-intelligence weapons: wands, staves,
some weapon modifications will require some intelligence scaling

weapon mods

weapon modifications that may appear and with weapons how many slots can show up
-common weapons do not get any mod slots
-uncommon gets one slot
-rare gets 2 slots
-epic gets 3 slots
-legendary weapons get their own unique modifications
-modifications comes in uncommon, rare, and epic each taking 1,2, and 3 slots respectively
-some modifications can include
thirst for battle. uncommon weapon mod when killing a enemy has a 50% chance to fill you with 25 water”
hungry for more. rare weapon mod when killing a enemy has a 25% chance of tripling all food drops”
holy light. legendary weapon mod deal constant damage to ghost enemies when near by slowly drain any dark power you or others have has a 10% chance to heal on hit”


some abilities you have access to are
-puff kiss/ a grab attack that will start filling enemies with air they will struggle less with lower hp if done to a slime it will just go down your throat and massively fill one of your fullness meters
-stuff/ a grab attack that starts stuffing food down the enemies throat same as the puff kiss but quicker and better but uses food items
-fill/ same as stuff but with water
-test/ shove a unknown or known pill down a enemies throat will tell you what that pill does without risk of giving you bloat if its unknown but risk buffing a enemy
-smash/a grab that deals strength damage
-shank/ a grab that deals dex damage
-fling/ a grab that deals int damage
-cram/ shove a burst fruit or poison ball down a enemies throat

spell classes

-raw intelligence gives raw magic/ high damage high cost moderate cast times
-int+strength gives pyromancy/high damage burn DOT higher cost long cast times
-int+dex gives hydro-cyromancy/ low damage slows and freezes can fill others with water low cost very quick cast times
-dex+strength give fools magics/ high damage medium cost can fill others with mass all spent fuel is turned into mass slow cast times
-all combat stats give heliomancy/ low damage high cost blinds heals can turn water bottles into blessed water bottles fast cast times(edited)

greatfull: well that was a mouth full (ha) if you did read all that thank you kindly and if one does decide to make this i ask for credit that is it
addendum: also to those who are interested in picking up the project you don’t need to ask me to use my ideas thats why i put them here in the first place so go nuts


So the problem here is one of scope. What you have described is not a job for one person working part time, or even a small team. This sounds like you would need a bunch of people working full-time for months.

Perhaps we can look at this another way… What is your favorite new mechanic that you were hoping to see? If you tighten up the design to just the parts that really matter, the things we can’t get from a mainstream AAA studio with a huge production budget, then what is left? If you focus on one unique aspect that you are really passionate about, that game can actually get made.


statement: not every mechanic needs be completed in full or even implemented as alot of these were dart boarded ideas. though my favorite mechanic i came up with was the karma system.


Ok, so you want a rougelike with an auto-balance system…

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These are some pretty cool ideas that i hope you or someone else picks up to some capacity.
Also, what does Karma do exactly?


blunt: see like this the more worse quality items you get the higher chances of getting a better quality item and vise versa


Okay thats actually really interesting. It’s almost like a heavily modified luck stat.

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