a space wg game: [no title yet]

going to credit the amazing game by the legend her/himself bewildered angel, eat the dungeon for making me consider this, so after realising scratch has alot more potential that i originally though i decided to make a download only game (pretty sure fetish games games are hated by scratch law). so im going to start work soon.

your crew have been stranded in a dimention of food by a worm-hole and now your ship is in need of repair.

your going through caves and planets to find the parts to make the ship work again and get back home, but “weighty issues” might rear their ugly heads

ship captain yogon ( a human)
ship gun enthusiast applana (a cat person)
ship medic fizzle (a slime)
ship mad scientist beereron (an elf)

for the first planet to be a artificial planet with all sorts of weak enemies

wg system
when an enemy attacks your character gains weight (I DONT WANT VORE)

how to deal with this
fizzle is knowledgable in lythosuction and can convert it into fuel for the ship, basically just the same as eat the dungeon so check out eat the dungeon by bewildered angel at her website
also you might need scratch 3 to run the game

the game is basic and just made

i am a big fan and do not mind


concept art for the crew


It’s not with space troopers, but is this kind of you are searching for?

no i was making a game, why do you think this is in ideas, but if i can il try it out, thank you for the assistance sir/mam

They characters are cute! What engine are you using for this?

scratch, just scratch, because its the only engine i know how to use properly

so after looking at different things and ideas ive come to an rpg turn based type to be the best way, currently working on the weight stages, enemies and turn system

You may want to use Vectors for your art then export them to bitmap(normal pixel images). Vectors let you get those line shapes without the need for hand dexterity and grinding that drawing skill yet works well in the strong shapes in your art style. Good luck.

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im side-note, i reccomend having scratch V3 to run the game

Nice idea laddie and cool wg idea, but i have one question