A special Couple (Twine adventure)

Hi there !

Here is a little adventure I wrote. It’s about a couple who wants to try… new things.
You’ll have several choices to make during your game, leanding to different endings.

For now, the game is available in French and English, but I can translate it in more languages if you want.

Since I’m not perfectly bilingual, there might be some translating problems, so don’t hesitate to report them, and more generally, issues of any kind !

You can find the game on itch.io:


Notes on page one


  • georgous → gorgeous

Grammar and phrasing

  • are living together for → have been living together for
  • After several years of hesitation for both of you → After several years of hesitation
  • a voluminous breast → voluminous breasts
  • During one day, you’re → One day, you -or- Today, you’re

I think English and French use different tenses and helping verbs for storytelling. Maybe study the English-grammar way of giving backstory vs narrating what’s currently happening in the story?

I don’t want to edit the whole story, but if there’s one or two paragraphs you have questions about, I’m happy to comment.


For the fanfiction i vreat i use chat gpt to proof read my work and it usualy work well hésite pas à utilisé chat gpt sa aide de ouf.

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Thank you very much for your comment ! I’ll try to correct them when I have the time !

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Okay, thanks ! I used DeepL in the first place, but it seems not to be enough :sweat_smile:

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