A speculation on how quantum physics affects the tangible.

I know a vast majority of the people on this website could honestly care less about this, but let’s talk about humans and how they affect the quantum level. Here’s the deal. It has been proven that humans looking at stuff can alter what happens. It has also been proven, that cognitive thought can alter a quantum action at the most insignificant level. In theory, this is how the prior is even possible. So, given that, let’s say everyone’ minds were altered in such a way that we all perceived reality in a completely different way. Going by what we know about the quantum realm, we could actually reshape how the world functions. We could even change already existent facts. Now that we’ve stated that, let’s say a singular person held just barely enough power to alter reality on a quantum level. The restrictions are simple enough; Any alteration to a target requires consent, while changing reality itself requires a majority rule of faith. With that sort of theoretical power, one could do many things. More relevant to this site, they would be able to reshape a human’s physical form. Of course, this is only using a Minute understanding of quantum physics. My knowledge is more on the tangible side of physics, but here. Who knows, maybe someone will use this info somehow.


i can see someone making a bad si-fi wg fan fic with that info.

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Doesn’t he end up revealing he knows an absurd amount of information about the American judicial system?

Exactly my point. Awesome complex science, garbage results.

This is false.

This is also false.

Everything that follows relies on two false statements and can be disregarded.

P.S. I don’t mean to come off super harsh, but both of those things are just plain wrong. There’s no evidence to support any causal connection between quantum phenomena and consciousness. The quantum fields do as they please, wave functions collapse as they will, and no experimental evidence has shown that a conscious observer can exert any influence at quantum scales. It sounds like there might be some confusion about the term “observer,” but “observer” doesn’t require or imply conscious observer.


Just give a character the ability to use psyonic fattening. No complex jargon necessary.


It would technically become possible to become a god
This hound will stay away from that for one simple reason
Gods never get a vacation
Ps did you know there is a fallacy in physics, can you guess what it is

Are you trying to suggest the usual divide between gods and sciences?

It make me think of how in science fiction, gods are integrated.

Lot of mind that believe in a god make them become real in some science fictions universe.

No it not work like that in the real world, if the direct observation of a quantum object have an influence on it it’s because we can’t use at this scale any device for analyze the quantum object without interact with it.

It’s basically because it’s the high tech limitation.

For example, if we haven’t already the knowledge for, for measure the resistance of an object we would need to push it until it break or is pushed.

It’s not because 6 billions human push similar object at the same time that it will alter something else than this object they push.

You see what I mean?

Admittingly, my knowledge of quantum physics isn’t as extensive as I’d like it to be. I’m not much of a reader…

If you happen to know any informative literary works on the aforementioned subject, I’d be more than happy to read them when I have some free time.

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But I like complexity

The best, most accessible, attention-keeping resource I’ve seen is PBS Space Time. It’s fantastic, and it starts with videos about the basics until you’re chewing on very cool, abstract stuff like virtual particles and quantum electrodynamics. It’s hella rad.

I’ll definitely check it out

If things can be altered be general perception then it should theoretically be possible to achieve apotheosis through gathering faith and ingraining ones self into the history of the world one way or another
Ps that fallacy I mentioned is the conservation of matter in that it is stated to be unable to be created or destroyed but it has an implication that renders it a fallacy: if it can not be created where did it come from? because all things must have a beginning this lead to me having to go through several thought loops before coming to an answer that was intriguing to me though it be terrifying to those that understand its implications

I know that’s not the ultimate reference but I like sometime navigate on wikipedia, follow the links and reading the articles that interest me.

It can be a good manner to begin with all sciences. Before looking for specific sites and encyclopedias for enter in details.