A stupid little game that i made

Hey 3 people that is going to read this, so I decided to make a game using Twine…
Here it is… if there is some spelling mistake or bugs, forgive me and tell me yeah?
I made this game at 2 AM, so yeah…

If you guys have some idea I might make a game based on it… Or just send me your thoughts

Here you go! The itch io link is here The Experiment(WG) by GainingStar


Hey, it’s more of a game I’ve ever made so at least that’s something. :+1:

It’s very bare-bones, but it can make a launching point for a nice little interactive story.


Welcome to Twine Gang. This game is a pretty good start for an interactive story, even if it’s pretty bare-bones as stated above. Can’t wait to see what you develop next.

If you need any help with Twine (or more specifically, Harlowe) feel free to ask.

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Submit the game to Itch.io and people can play it online without having to download it. :+1:
Haven’t had a chance to play it myself yet, though.

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The itch io link is here, you can play it online now.

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So, I’m going to make another game, the draft is like this :

|Story or something|
The story is gonna take place in a forest.
-Find house-> Food and drink (First choice)
-Effect : Same, Food +1 Gluttony, Drink +1 Bloated
-Encounter weird enemy

  • And then weird encounter that can make you gain weight.
    -There will be 1 encounter where you will get a secret ending but you must go figure it out on your own.
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Second game is here…