A Tentative Attempt! Exploring the Expanse [Full]

Allow me to preface this, I am asexual not a prude. I respect the primal desires of others and their fetishes so long as they fall in line with the legality of the world.

Prefacing over, here my pitch; You lived in a world modern and bland, with a simple life to live day by day, working a job, paying bills and watching your health. All of this before one faithful moment came and unbeknown to the world at large, magic seeped in from somewhere beyond. Slithering and swirling through the virgin world, the magic began to change the people and places it touches without much rhyme or reason, turning cities into vast jungles, ripping section of earths into the skies, making animals and men alike into “rumored” creatures of their utmost desires.

Having weathered the magical storm, you and a select few others set out to discover and survive this new world at large! Unknown of how things will go and how the world will truly help grow to be a bigger person and Change for the better!

TL;DR, I am offering up a post apocalypse adventure game ran rather free form, Where the world is turn fantastical rather than ruined. (System recommendations always appreciated)

Looking for 3-4 players for this play by post adventure! Main focuses of the story will be on the characters experiencing and tackling various scenarios that could lead to temporary/permanent transformations, weight gain, clothing malfunctions, sexless pregnancy or any other things a the party can all agree upon at an open table! Come open minded and willing play on the wild side! the Inspirations for this was corrupted of champions mainly, with a few minor influences here and there.

Please ask questions as needed!



I am intrigued for sure. Would be down.

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I’m certainly interested. The idea of doing it as play is great since real life often makes scheduled sessions hard. Do you have an idea of how often you want posts to be (multiple times a day, once a day, once a week, etc.)?

A few times a day would be prefered!

Kinky ace solidarity! Sounds like an intriguing approach to a game, for sure. Wouldn’t mind giving it a try.

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Please message me if are interested!

Sounds like a fun take on things, would def be up for checking it out if you’re still looking for folks! Especially if those quality puns keep up : p

Hey there, are you still looking for players or are you full? (hah! see what I did there…)

I’m getting kind of an " Annihilation" vibe but with less of the cosmic / body horror and a bit more ‘fun’ - and I’d totally be up for that if you have room for more (sorry, sorry, I’ll stop now).