A Tentative Second Attempt! Exploring the Expanse (Closed)

Allow me to preface this, I am asexual not a prude. I respect the primal desires of others and their fetishes so long as they fall in line with the legality of the world.

Prefacing over, here my pitch; You lived in a world modern and bland, with a simple life to live day by day, working a job, paying bills and watching your health. All of this before one faithful moment came and unbeknown to the world at large, magic seeped in from somewhere beyond. Slithering and swirling through the virgin world, the magic began to change the people and places it touches without much rhyme or reason, turning cities into vast jungles, ripping section of earths into the skies, making animals and men alike into “rumored” creatures of their utmost desires.

Having weathered the magical storm, you and a select few others set out to discover and survive this new world at large! Unknown of how things will go and how the world will truly help grow to be a bigger person and Change for the better!

TL;DR, I am offering up a post apocalypse adventure game ran rather free form, Where the world is turn fantastical rather than ruined. (System recommendations always appreciated)

Looking for 3-4 players for this play by post adventure! Main focuses of the story will be on the characters experiencing and tackling various scenarios that could lead to temporary/permanent transformations, weight gain, clothing malfunctions, sexless pregnancy or any other things a the party can all agree upon at an open table! Come open minded and willing play on the wild side! the Inspirations for this was corrupted of champions mainly, with a few minor influences here and there.

Please ask questions as needed!

I might be inclined to join! May I ask how the first attempt ended?

The first attempt was wonderful but short lived. Nothing serious or dire happened to dissolve the game. People just got busy

That sounds so cool! I’ll join!

Is this going to be noob friendly? I’m interested in engaging with the community more, but I don’t have much experience with tabletop games, and I think that’s cost me a lot of opportunities to join a game of any sort.

So long as you are willing put forth the effort and remain consistent in the story, I am more than happy to help

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In that case, I’m willing to sign on. What do I need to do to prepare?

I’d be down, it just depends on the time

Is this still available?

Hello, I’d also be interested in this game, a lot actually! The premise is honestly really fun and I want to see where it goes.
But I’d like to ask, when do you plan to play this?

If you want I could send you my discord.

Mind if I return for the second attempt?

Did people get contacted? Because this is now closed and I never heard a thing from Craw.

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You never voiced further interest past asking how the first attempted ended, I apologize for assuming you lost interest there.

As for the others I apologize for not reaching out to whom else I missed, I gathered a small party a few days back and swore I had set the post to closed already. This was fully my fault for once more making an assumption.

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I know, just sorta bummed out about it is all. No point crying over spilt milk and all that.

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