a thought in general: live2D

so been having this one thought for a while now, and i’m kind of wondering about what you guys think about it. so the question: do you think that live2d could be used to enhance weight gain games, or expansion games in general? like instead of just a static portrait of a character, have it so it’s animated, wiggly and jiggly, and you can kind of play with it

dang it just realized my mistake, live TWOd, not 3d

Sure it can be used. If you wanted to you could make a relatively smooth WG animation with other animations for each keyframe. It can be tied into a variety of engines depending on what you wanted to make. It’s a little bit complicated to use, but if you want to spend the time to learn it I do not think those skills would be wasted.

Yes, I have seen live2D used in some tech demos to such an effect and I know of a few people that have been looking at using it for their projects. The only downside to my knowledge is as @FluffRat said its complexity and while there is good engine support some engines like renpy dont have native support so you have to do it yourself though its not too bad to implement.