a tortoise and the hare sabotage mission.

so i have been thinking about the tortoise and the hare, and what if there was a game where you had to fatten the hare to make him lose the race? possibly having to shoot food into his mouth either before or during the race. the goal would be of course to make him fat and slow enough to lose to the turtle, since the turtle paid you to go through with this sabotage mission.
what do you guys think?


I think you can make an electronic storybook like “Cheetah is meant to be fat”, by modifying the story, let all the animals get fatter and fatter, and finally all the animals are so fat that they are slower than the turtle, and the turtle becomes the fastest creature

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Maybe take a step back from animals and have it be T&H inspired.
Hoomans with animal t shirts maybe.

(Just this guy’s two cents, pls no reeee)


Ooh, I like it! Human analogues instead of direct anthros, just do mix things up. Like the athletic guy/gal whose long pony tail is reminiscent of hare ears, versus the dumpy guy/gal with an attachment to their tortoiseshell backpack.

An idea for a compromise; humans with animal ears and tails, the kemonomimi thing.
For the tortoise, maybe just the shell?

I mean cat girls are fine, so why not bunny girl and tortoise girl?

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Exactly, it’s just a little difficult to think up how a tortoise girl would look in that style.

Maybe with a dopey face and the shell?

Just give her a shell helmet and a shell.