A useless template

I request readers to refrain from taking these ideas as their own. Least you can do is either ask first, or credit me. I need to make a living somehow.

I’ve wandered around long enough to know when a market has potential, so I’ll be leaving this “footnote” Down for my sake.

I’ve designed a 4 stat system, and I’ve never been able to use it outside of homebrew tabletop games. Simply said, this system is VERY experimental. The four primary stats are Charm, Luck, Agility, Wits, and Strength. I just call it CLAWS for short. It’s self-explanatory, save for calculating successful actions.

When it comes to challenges between the stats of two creatures, I find the formula A - B + 10 to be the optimal way to go. A is the CLAW of the victim, while B is the CLAW of the foe. Your result is the required roll (On a D20) to hit your foe.

When I speak of “challenges”, I refer to all instances of disagreement between two creatures, be it human or attack helicopter. Examples include persuasion (Charm Vs. Wit/Charm), Ambushes (Agility/Wit Vs. Wit/Luck), Gambling (Luck Vs. Luck), and even raw combat (Attacking CLAW Vs. Same Defending CLAW). In all cases, the two CLAWs being used is variable, with the exception of Combat, which requires both the attacker and defender to use the same CLAW.

While I was making this system, I tried to make it as loose and flexible as possible. That is why this is a TEMPLATE, and not an actual GAME.

If anyone is actually interested in this little template, feel free to message me as you please. If enough interest in this template is shown, I many consider mentioning more information later on. Of course, if this somehow stretches even further, chances are, I may even make something out of this.

Apologies if this post is in the wrong category

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