A voice calls from the void...and it says "Hi!"

For a while now, I’ve been-oh wait, one sec…BRRRRRRRR [font=times new roman]Ding! There, much better. Now then, as I was saying, for a while, I’ve been an anonymous viewer and appreciator of this site, but, I’ve decided to come out of the shadows and actually contribute. I do hope we can all be friends on here.
As of interests and such, I love gaming, do enjoy a good spot of reading every now and then, and quite enjoy steak with mashed potatoes on the side. But, in all seriousness(though what I’ve said is true), I’m a guy of variety, and easily approachable.
As far as to WHY I’m here, I’m constantly looking for any good weight-gain-themed games, much like those made by the remembered Hippinite, which weight gain can be a reward for completing a challenge of sorts, but I’ll try anything, as long as it’s good.(Which, as far as I’ve seen, is quite abundant here.)
I’m (as of this moment) only available on the weekends, but feel free to message me on Deviantart, or through my email, anytime. With all that said, I do hope we can all get along on here!

Nice to meet you!


Welcome to the forum. I’ve glad you enjoyed using it and that you’ve felt the need to create an account!

[quote=“PersonMan, post:2, topic:1007”]Nice to meet you!

What’s there to be sorry about? I’m just sayin’ Hi!

Yeah, was debating for a while, and figured today “Eh, why not?”

Well I figured since my reply didn’t have much detail, I was being rude.

Nah, it’s fine. Besides, we’re all here together for one purpose…to have fun. If we’re doing that, it’s all going well.