A way to make a fire tablet play exe games

I’ve been searching for months for a way to make my fire tablet play exe games (safely) but I’ve never found a way to do it. Might be impossible but I’ve just got so much exra storage on it and I use it so often.


fire tablets aren’t known for their performance, even if you manage to install Ubuntu + wine on it I doubt you can play them smoothly, if at all

Yeah I’ve read about it not working for fire tablets from reviews

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I feel like you already know the answer to this question or if you don’t maybe have no grasp of the giant hole which you’d need to leap over to achieve this. It reminds me of people asking about running windows on the new M1 mac’s, and the knowledgeable people trying to explain why the processor architecture difference between x86_64 and ARM is an enormous hurdle to virtualization of an operating system much less a program. Apples Rosetta 2 only can work because its skipping os level stuff and just translating the apps, with the new ARM MacOS knowing what to do with the x86 apps os calls, and also has the advantage of the M1 processor having baked in architecture to help the software do certain x86 commands on ARM. In other words considering how long ARM and android and Winodws have all coexisted and the fact that no one has yet made or seems to be working on virtualizing x86 on ARM using android, means its not trivial to do, and i would doubt you will see it happen soon. Microsoft went as far as writing winnows for ARM rather than mess with a translation or virtualization layer. If anyone remembers Windows RT, which kind of died, and you can’t buy Windows RT, only get it pre installed on a store bought device. All of this to say it is currently not possible and probably won’t be for a while.

Technically Win10 is available for ARM, but good luck getting it to run on a CortexA9 CPU, and even if you somehow did you would still have problems if the developer compiled for x64 rather than x86.

(edit) Oops, I guess MS added x64 support to the ARM64 version in the last patch. Still not gonna run on a Fire though.

Windows 10 is available for arm, BUT like RT you cannot buy a license, like RT you get it with a device. Also that wont allow running a x86 exe. The point is merely that Microsoft didn’t care to bother with translation or virtualization an rather made an entire operating system, and dev tools to re build programs to run on the arm operating system.

x86 and x64 binaries run in emulation. I do not have an ARM64 device available to profile the performance loss compared to native ARM32/64 binaries however.

I feel the need to clarify processor architecture types there is ARM an x86. You can have 64bit and 32bit of each. Intel made the x86 architecture, originally 16bit. AMD did the first 64bit x86 processor and intel licenses the 64bit part from AMD which is why you see the x86_64 to denote that its 64bit also x64 is a short hand for an x86 processor that is 64bit or a program that is 64bit x86 architecture. ARM also can be either 32 or 64bit. When i say x86 im referring to both 64 bit and 32 bit, same with ARM. x86 does not refer exclusively to an bit amount.

Ok, so you can emulate a ARM on x86 with ease currently(due to how much more powerful x86 processor are) but not the other way around. The original post is not asking about runing a android app on windows but a windows exe on android.

Also i need to correct myself Microsoft did just release(mid to late December) a super early supper buggy translation/virtualization layer for window 10 Arm for x86 programs in the past couple of weeks, BUT, its only available to the opt in windows beta build testers, and can only be accessed after getting the beta experimental build and then by enabling some dev options its fairly hidden, and not ready.

Well I guess I couldn’t expect that much for my fire tablet it can barely keep an Android app open without closing it by itself after 5 or lower minutes.

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