a wee bit of help (BF KIRHOS RELEASE)

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on the sprites for the Kirhos race.
for about 2 months.
I need help.
But luckily, not too much. I’ve finished almost all the sizes, and their variants, but I need help with the blob size. If anyone can help please message me as quickly as possible, as I don’t want to keep people waiting any longer.


Firstly, do not worry about having to keep up to a timetable, unless you set it yourself. You are not obliged to provide for anyone here. Moreover, as someone who is trying their hand at spriting, I know how frustrating and time-consuming this can be. (I am working on a few things myself, but I don’t have anything presentable yet).

With that said, I might be able to help, although I will be quite busy for the next few days or so (work in real life). What seems to be the issue with the blob sizes?

Right off the bat it’s the .sleeve files. Since the blob size has a unique arm sprite where it hangs backwards instead of being in the default positions, the normal arm for the race would still normally show. however to compensate for this the sleeve covers up the normal arm with a piece of the chest. image
Since the blob sprites i’m making are unique, it’s not working too well.

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and i’m using the floran sprites as a base. but after that confusion is solved, there’s two things left. First i have to swap the colours on only the legs, as the Kirhos have their upper thighs coloured the same as the chest, and the feet the same colour as the abdomen. probably my biggest issue is finding where the seam between the belly and the thigh should be on each sprite.

then lastly there’s the actual chest portion for both genders that i haven’t done yet. the one frame i showed is my most edited one.

I am assuming you will try to keep the shape mostly the same. To tackle this issue, you will first have to complete the legs sprites which will contain the blob body, including the chest area. After that, you will need to go to the arms (blob sleeves should be something like fsleeve -for male- and fsleevef -for female-) and try to match the colours. This will be hit and miss. I have had to redraw the one for the humanoid avali numerous times due to the wings on the arms.

The portion you have highlighted is what would be used to cover the female chest area. That is where you will need to add the colours you will use for the fluff, with the respective shading. You will have to be careful where the fluff would end and where the skin would be. Again, this will be hit and miss.

From personal experience, your biggest problem will be with the arm sprites on line 2 (for walking) and on line 3 (for running), column 3 or 4. Those ones are used twice in the animation cycle in different positions. Because of this, you might find some unexpected shift in position of some colours. To test where things might be problematic, I suggest you put some colours to mark the bottom-right corner of those sprites, or mark them in a particular way, so you would know where the inconsitency might appear. Alternatively, you might consider reducing how much the chest fluff covers to try to simplify the design (it is entirely your choice here).

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Also, as a side note, the design looks promising.

I have attached to this the blob fsleeve and flseevef I have used for the avali humanoid mod. Whilst the arms will not match in size, nor are they used to cover the same arm type, I believe they might be of some interest to help you understand where things should be. Then again, they might also prove more confusing than helpful.

avali_humanoid_arms.zip (28.6 KB)

thanks for the tips! i think i know what to do know and how to do it.

Seven months later, I still haven’t released this. Which bothers me, as I have every single sprite done, including busty, stuffed, and filled for both genders, even with the new plump belly and fatty spit. But I STILL don’t have the blob sprites done and likely never will. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone would be able to do just the blob sheets for me, so the Kirhos race can finally be supported.

I’m ready to release this.
So to explain why this took so long, I’ve been waiting for the new update of the original Big Fatties, which is to include redone sprites for all the races. I’ve been waiting for that update so I could release this race support with the new sprites, instead of what would have been the previous sprites.

This was January.

But I’ve decided the update isn’t gonna come out tomorrow, so here it is. Kirhos race support.
Big Fatties - Kirhos.zip (492.1 KB)
MASSIVE shoutouts to @ChaosChubCultist for the help in making the blob sprites and the leg sprites.

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better late than never i hope.

blessed. Thanks homie. this should make it easier for anybody who wants to adapt them for granular.