A WG Oriented Minigame Collection

Hey gamers, it’s been a bit of a while, hope you’re all doing ok.

Now that it’s been a few months since I finished bugfix whack-a-mole for Donna’s Diner, I’ve started to feel the itch to make another game, one where I can flex my art skills a little more than last time.

The project in its final version would have 3-5 different minigame types, each one relating to a specific character. These minigames would have 4 levels of difficulty, with the characters growing bigger with each stage.

Possible candidates include:

Any of the cast from Donnas Diner


Adeline, ex athlete

Blaire, big goth


Unnamed icecream hose lady

Unnamed ex cheerleaders


Obviously this is pretty ambitious - especially if I want it to look as nice as I intend it to - and if there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s scope management. So, I’m likely going to pick away at a vastly stripped back version for the time being - 1 character, 2 stages, limited/no art - and build upwards from there.

I’m open to any questions or suggestions.


Well, after a bit of growing pains getting used to Unity (I’ve only ever used Unreal before unless you count the godforsaken nightmare that is GDevelop), I’ve got some basic functionality working. Just dragging and dropping food into a static sprite’s mouth like that old Feeding Lily flash game on DeviantArt, but it seems to work pretty ok.


Apologies for the god-awful art assets, but trust me it’s all placeholders.

Not making any promises, because I’m going to be immensly busy in the near future, but I might have a testing prototype slapped together some time.


Late to comment here but just want to say, big fan of your writing for Donna’s Diner and will be looking forward to anything you put out in the future.

With respect to who should appear in this, in the character notes you had mentioned Katie’s previous name being Natalie and seeing the ex cheerleader gave me the thought of a reworking of her character to a mean head cheerleader type.

Again I look forward to whatever comes of this, keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the kind words dude, super appreciate it.

I’ll be honest I haven’t had the time or wherewithall to work on this recently, it’s kinda fallen to the wayside. Turns out studying for a career in games design and then doing more of it in your spare time is a major recipe for burnout. (Who’dve guessed?)

With a bit of luck, I’ll pull some motivation together and spend some more time on this. I do actually want to finish what I set out to do.

As for your character suggestion, I do like the idea for a mean-girls style character, a little bit of bite’s always fun. Might need to make them a separate character just to avoid confusion, but they could be functionally identical aside from their names. If anyone’s allowed to rip off my work (which they are), it’s me.

That’s understandable, I have a friend doing that stuff and I’ve heard horror stories of him having to carry entire projects on his back.

The character suggestion I misspoke I didn’t mean rework Katie’s character. What I meant was a new character called Natalie, I only said rework cause it was Katie’s old name.