"A Witch's Crystal" 's patch

The game jam version is unbeatable, so here is the patch. Just copy the contents and paste them in the game folder. You should be able to continue from your last save.


Thank you for continued support, I appreciate it a lot and honestly hope to see more fun combinations of tactical rpgs and weight gain and you have done some wonderful stuff so far. Keep up the good work! If I have any issues I’ll comment below

i really loved this game idea and how you did it i do hope to keep on working on it from time to time and add more things like larger sprites and new levels

yo i can’t access the download anymore, i know it is a bit late to be bringing this up but I never got a shot at the game so if anyone can gib it would be immensely appreciated

Edit: I’m just stupid, mediafire was borking on me. Download is fine, sorry for the nudge

I already killed all the soldiers in the first part that follows, what do I have to do?