Abducted Plus+ (A WGHFY Story)

Is this game finished?

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How do I interact with my room’s computer? Is it the UMP? That is still busted for me lmao.

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Keep clicking responses until a chain of words are strung together. If I remember correctly it will reset every time you close it. There’s a pattern if you can find it, but brute forcing works too.

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Not finished yet, but still having a good amount of content to sink many hours in.


Was wondering what happened to this promising text based story.

Glad to see there is still activity here :slight_smile:


'Tis nice to see this is still active. I can’t wait for the 0.77 update!


I must say that when it comes to WG-related text adventures, this one is one of the best if not the best one I’ve read so far! Had a great time immersing myself into it. I would dare even say that it competes with Noone’s FTAG, though mostly outclassing it in the sense of worldbuilding / character building, rather than actual mechanics.

I wish there were more methods / encounters of WG rather than “You get stuffed, you digest it, you get fat”, but it’s still pretty solid overall. Keep up the good work.


I think I’m stuck, I’m around 500lbs and haven’t gotten to chapter 2 yet
I’ve been visiting Dr. Halessie daily and been going to the cafeteria as well along with talking to the the Maintenance Team
Is there something I’m missing or do I need to restart?

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Just keep playing, you’re close to chapter two but aren’t there quite yet.


I immidietly broke it, started the game, chose female gender, the game gave me an option to change it to intersex female, clicked it only to get an error cannot find a closing tag for macro <> and an option to “return to sex and race information” that can return me to the bathroom


Thanks a lot for finding that, didn’t know that bug had been hanging around on the live version here.

I got it fixed up for all future downloads, thanks again!


Hello! I’m currently stuck and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Chapter 2, I’m at 2306 lbs and the weight gain got really slow. I thouht I finished the content of the game, but then I got an event: I got stuck in the shower, and and NPC named Abby came to help, one that I never meet before that situation but the main character seemed to know. So I searched for something in here and now I know there is something like a computer delivery to your apartement that you need to get somehow? Also something about fixing the automeal in chapter 3 but I don’t know how to get to the next chapter.

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I think the same, this one is my fave text wg game tbh!
Also can u link me some games u think are good? maybe i missed some

The only way these combined scenarios should be happening (weight gain slowing down/not stuffing yourself most days, that high of weight without having unlocked said npc/computer etc)

Is if someone has been avoiding exploring for random events in favor of just spamming ‘stay in bed’ most days. You need to explore the lab/zone 1 more in order to begin moving forward.


I can’t really recommend anything from the top of my head, and I’m sure you’re already familiar with FTAG (Fatty Text Adventure Game). If you’re not, check it out. I’m sure you can find it either on these forums, or somewhere on FurAffinity. Like I said, easily in Top 3 of best text adventures in the whole community.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a hunt for more expansion related text adventures. There’s some decent ones out there, but they’re usually short, still WIP or just abandoned mid-development.

Yup am familiar with FTAG.
Also iv done lots of hunts for games and its realy hard to find new good one, i tried to make my own but well am not a good writer, i have quite advanced weight system made but the story is a poblem… maybe some day i will sit to it again, i feel kinda bad for ppl that wanted to see more of it

I actually did explore until I was around 1800 lbs. At that point I thought that maybe the next chapter starts at around a ton of weight so started to focus on weight gain. I found that staying on the bed or lazing on the couch not only was really slow (Like, one to two pounds per day), but sometimes I will just lose weight and the character can’t sleep since it’s hungry. So my strategy to gain that much weight was to eat all in the fridge and then search for the cafeteria so the maintenance team would give me food or to find the birthday party so I would get food from the buffed or mingle with others. After that being completely stuffed I will go to Halessie to maybe be force feed and after that I would go to the couch for another chance for Halessie to do that.

So I was still exploring for ramdom events since it’s literally impossible to gaing weight staying in bed or lazing on the couch. That’s why I thought I finish the content since I didn’t find anything new.


In order to get your computer back (this games progression is a little confusing, but its still great!) You have to keep visiting the lab for that event where researchers are investigating things from your world. If you’ve gotten to the point where they’ll invite you inside, at some point you’ll recognize one of the objects as your pc/AI ABBI from the prologue, and they’ll add her to your room! Its worth interacting with her a bunch every day, as she’s also how you unlock hangouts with characters…

If you ever get stuck in this game, there’s typically one of three roadblocks: You haven’t gained enough weight (It sounds like yours is well in hand?), you haven’t interacted with a certain character in a while, ir there’s a randon outcome to a random event somewhere! It’s always worth going back to old events and trying every option a few times just to see if something new happens, a surprising amount is behind lab events even after you unlock Zone 2. Just remember basically every event is its own thing, hanging out with the Doctor in their office is distinct from them visiting you at home for trying different things, and there is still an RNG and Number of Days since last X thing for some events to trigger too!

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I have to say, this is one of my new favorite games in this genre, genuinely spectacular?? Beautiful stuff and lovely characters and worldbuilding, and love the dynamic of being the station therapy pet almost.

Part of me hopes we’ll get to meet the Weird character from the Chapter 3 transition again, as a friendly one, considering we don’t have a clear idea of what they actually want… Very intrigued by the mysteries that section sets up!

Am a little confused, there’s seven NPC affinity slots, I’ve definitely met the first 5… The 6th is entirely empty, and the 7th says Affinity 1 without saying who it is? Uncertain if this is unimplemented content or if I just aren’t heavy to actually meet them yet, I think I’m lighter than more folks are just by virtue of speedrunning the story almost,


The 7th npc is definitely in the game, you need to explore the forest more, and for me the 6th slot says Limited(???) Affinity Level 0 so that one I don’t think is implemented yet.

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