Abducted Plus+ (A WGHFY Story)

Welcome to “Abducted Plus+!” A WG(HFY) Story

You are a human who lived on a space station at the edge of the Solar System that was attacked. You were captured by the attacking aliens during the battle, who took an interest in Humanity’s ability to store excess nutrients through fat. Shenanigans ensue.

DISCLAIMER: The original version of “Abducted WGHFY V4.2” was created by @Somchu. Any Plus+ content changes or additions made, do not reflect on Somchu’s past, current or future works. Plus+ content is by Tosh Dragonash.

Besides a few exceptions, content and scenes prior to triggering the Immobility event, are from the original game released by Somchu.

Thank you very much for letting me work on Abducted!

View the original release here Abducted! A WGHFY Story (V4 out Now!)

Current Version: Abducted Plus+ Version 0.76 (Save files carry between versions and updates)

Abducted Plus+ Version 0.76.html - Google Drive

(Download is at the top right)
(I HIGHLY recommend you use Twine’s “Save to disk” option at the end of a session. Clearing cookies will delete your save)

BUG FIX: V0.76
—Typos, Bug Fixes (Lunch with the Crew) - (Cellulite and Stretch Mark Toggle appearing too early) - (Exertion Toggle appearing too early).
—Added more fail-safes

  1. (Trying to visit the Doctors office during chapter 2, while never having visited it during chapter 1).
  2. (Reset button added in the bathroom for ‘Outdoor Tour Event’ should a character not trigger the event correctly, Note: The button is not visible if Zone 3 is unlocked or if the prerequisites have not been met).

Change log - Version 0.75~
Some content may not be listed here - Be it for insignificancy or secrecy
Past Zone Content - Toggle Descriptors

Past Zone Content

Past Zone Content: (New Affinity NPC and Wander Events) (By @FlabTepes)

You can now build Affinity with ‘Zix and the Maintenance Crew’

—Unlocked by ‘Leaving the Party’ (Event Hall), after meeting with him during his ‘Mingle’ event.

—Has a Hangout Event via ABBI messages.
(Requires a handful of new interactions before eligible for the event)

Zone 1 Changes: (1 Wander Event, 1 Cafeteria Event)

—‘Maintenance Crew Panel’ event now has two new versions
(Affinity Levels 1, 2)

—‘Hang out with the Maintenance Team’ option now has three new versions
(Affinity Levels 1, 2, 3) Only one affinity version will trigger per day.

Toggle Descriptors

Toggle Descriptors: (3 New Toggles)

Once a toggle is enabled you may view previous/missed weight tiers related to that toggle. (Appears next to the ‘Disable’ option.



—Extra text during Wander Choices/Zone actions regarding player fatigue, physical strain, exhaustion.
(Three tiers, based on energy remaining)
(Two Chapter 1 tiers, viewable in previous/missed weight tiers)


Belly Button

—Adds a new player character description item regarding their belly button/navel, and may also show up in certain events.
(Five tiers based on weight)
(Previous/missed weight tiers viewable)

Stretch marks and Cellulite

—Adds a new player character description item regarding their body’s stretch marks and cellulite, and may also show up in certain events.
(Four tiers based on weight)

—Adds a repeating/recurring event (IE: The Jumpsuit ripping/tearing events) about the player character worsening their stretch marks. After the player wakes up and has gained enough weight since the last trigger, they will activate some extra text.
(Three tiers based on weight, with two parts to each of them)
(Previous/missed weight tiers viewable)


(In case issues arise in the current version)
Previous Version: Abducted Plus+ Version 0.73 (Save files carry between versions and updates)

Abducted Plus+ Version 0.73.html - Google Drive

Previous Changelog 0.7~

Change log - Version 0.7~
Some content may not be listed here - Be it for insignificancy or secrecy
Zone 3 Content and Mechanics

Zone 3 Content

Zone 3 Content (6 Wander Events):

—Hike (By @FlabTepes )
—Grove (Restaurant / Event Hall - equivalent)
—Bird (By @FlabTepes)
—Restaurant (Menu is WIP for later)


Zone 3 Mechanics “Mini-Spoilers / Hints”

Zone 3 Mechanics “Mini-Spoilers / Hints”

—Fruit - 6 possible outcomes ( 4 good, 1 meh, 1 bad)

—Grove (Restaurant / Event Hall - equivalent):
Weight based RNG for proper entry like others, Low chance / High weight needed, but with 2 ‘attempts’.

‘Overuse’ comes with permanent / irreversible, depending on your POV ( Beneficial / penalizing) effects. Two warnings (50%~ of the way, 85%~ of the way) Will warn the PC.

Choosing to “leave” will greatly decrease the ‘overuse’ counter.

New Mechanics - Past Zone Content

New Mechanics

New Mechanics

—PC outfit (Jumpsuit):
3 PC examine descriptions (Normal, Ripped, Torn)
2 Events (One event for Ripping, Second for Tearing)
1 Mini-Event for turning on the new toggle descriptor “Exhibitionism” (WIP) and ripping during public events. (Only 2 right now, Cafeteria Maintenance Crew, and Event Hall “Seconds”

Requires being in chapter 3, and having met Quistis. Triggered via Dr. Halessie office visit. Replaceable and customizable via text-Insert for “Color” and “Material”

“Rip” and later “Tear” based on the PC’s weight gain and level fullness. Only triggers from “Stuffing” Events”, or upon “Waking up”.

The most popular poll option was an “average” of “one week” for a full cycle of “new to torn,” assuming the PC kept gaining weight.
~Stomach Capacity, Event RNG, Forced stuffings, will all obviously play a large role in a large variable of possible “Time to break”. Please keep that in mind.
~There will be a new permanent poll to measure how close to that “Sweet Spot” we are… The “Time to break” will also remain a permanent poll to balance against it.

—You now get +1 max automeal powder with daily restock from every story mission (So only +1 right now)

—You can only ‘stuff yourself’ from the Fridge and UMP If they are fully stocked, and you can eat all the food within without triggering a food coma.


Past Zone Content

Past Zone Content

Zone 1: Lab (2 Wander events)

— (Three new UMP meals)

UMP recipe mini-game and corresponding UMP solo meal scenes (By @Debby2C)

UMP recipe unlock: (In-game scenes and character insert by Tosh)
(Scene concepts/outlines -By @Debby2C)

—UMP Meal with Kweht


Misc - Custom Race Options - Known Long-Term Dilemmas or Issues



—Stuffing yourself at the status fridge has a new scene (By @FlabTepes)

—You can stuff yourself with the UMP scene(s)( By @Somchu)

—Added 1500lbs+ Shower scene (Multiple versions).

—Added a few new NPC affinity lines/dialogue changes to past content.

—”Laze around and watch TV” and “Look around your room “now have different dialogue if you have reached ‘Residential and Recreation‘.

—Doctor visits, room or office, exercise events now also have a very small chance to regain/increase bonus stamina.

—You can now “return to your business” from the PC description menu to any zone that allows you to view your PC. (IE: Bathroom → Forest)( Residential and Recreation → Bathroom)

—Moved the ‘Hidden Stats’ menu to ABBI’s menu, and remained it ‘Statistics’

—Expanded the NPC Affinity menu and made the Stamina menu tell you if you have regained what you can of your max energy

—You can now select ‘Intersex’ as a PC sex after choosing your biological sex.


Custom Race options

Custom Race options

—Added $mouth and $lips text replacers for custom races.

—Added more ‘Pre-treatment’ tail descriptions (By @FlabTepes)

—Added ‘body cover type’ descriptions for custom races (By @FlabTepes)
Fur, Scales, Feathers

Alternate belly plate option/description for post game (By Tosh)

Retroactive additions of body cover descriptions in past scenes (By @FlabTepes)


Known Long-term Dilemmas or Issues

Known Long-term Dilemmas or Issues

— (Dilemma) Some and or many scenes include mention of something, someone or yourself, touching the PC’s bare flesh. With the addition of the jumpsuit these scenes may seem odd to some players.


Abducted Plus+ is an ‘Endless’ text-adventure made in Twine (Sugarcube)

All content is found/unlocked via ‘wandering’ or by talking to an unlocked npc in Chapter 2.

PC Weight and Passage of time, both play roles in certain event unlocks.
Sit back and embrace the RNG, that’s all there is to it.

More content will be added overtime.


Things to know:
—Please let me know if there is any content or scenarios you would like to see. Many ideas may already be planned, but are just in line for development. This means I may not be able to respond to all posts if something is already planned/coming or not etc.

This does help me prioritize what content people want to see. It is also the closest thing to ‘new’ content I personally can receive/experience, so your input/ideas are very important to me.

—Let me know if you find any bugs or oddities etc.

—Please feel free to DM me your save file every once and awhile. These make testing new content so much easier for me.


(I am not sure how well this will go, but I figure it is worth a shot since enough people have asked)

If you wanted to try and create something for Abducted Plus+ I made a “Contributor Guide”. This will disappear if it stresses me out, so don’t take it personally if it goes away. It is also for creating content, not suggesting or requesting. That works best in the main post here.

Contributor Guide - Google Docs


To help keep things in-line with player preferences, these polls are used to help me keep more complicated Mechanics in-check

Polls for: Abducted Plus+ (A WGHFY Story) - #108 by ToshDragonash

Thank you everyone, I hope the game brings you some joy~


It absolutely does bring joy :blush:

Congratulations on the new thread!


Could we have some flavor text regarding the character mildly struggling to walk/do stuff from fullness?


Thank goodness a separate thread


great add-on! Really like the new character in Ch2, looking forward to see what’s next!


I posted in the very tail-end of the previous thread, but may have missed the cutoff. I know you were soliciting suggestions for the engineer’s name, so I’ll add it here again:

as for the maintenance crew…since they’re insectoids, maybe something bug-sounding that’s clicky and buzzy? Could go stereotypical sci-fi and make them a little more stratified, too, like they have a weird compound name related to their social position and job that the translator system has an issue with, but it’s traditional or something so they stick with it.

How’s Zictizixx Oversee-Make-Whole (“Zix” for short) sound?

Like, the guy knows he’s just a minor supervisor of the maintenance team for this lab, and will say as much plainly in galactic common, but the weird formal insect names still get translated very literally by the system, hence Oversee-Make-Whole, since he oversees people who fix stuff).

Finally, one thing I did notice - once you have a tail, if you go the mutation route, it only very rarely comes up in events. As it stands right now, it’s pretty easy to ignore or forget about outside of self-examines, and I figure it should come up more often as a very novel and exciting part of your renewed body. Extra work to shower it off, extra sensory input, bumping it into things, having it react unconsciously to your emotional state…

I feel like maybe you should be more aware of it during events with slotted-in description variations, or it altering your balance during exercise, etc. Maybe it serves as a nice counterbalance, as the doctor suggests. I was pleasantly surprised to see it get mentioned in stuff like the lunch with Qistis, where it happily sways, but few other events make use of it.

Also…entwining tails with Kweht or the doctor would be really sweet and romantic, if you get close enough to them. :sob::two_hearts: Though I suppose Kweht would be better at that sort of intimate gesture, being a full-on serpent.

If it gets fat enough at additional weight levels, maybe your tail would make a comfy pillow or seat for someone. Or it could get briefly stuck in the back of a chair when getting up at the restaurant or other places.


This is awesome! It’s great to see this game get extra fan-made content! I do have a couple of ideas of things I’d love to see in the game.

I’d love to see more things involving the belly, maybe bloating from certain foods? For example, the researcher that gives you the bar to try could have random effects. Maybe some aliens would like to give your character a belly rub when they’re very full. This is all I can really think of at the moment.


I do like that! The researcher has been taking an awful lot of notes on their bland little bar. Maybe after a certain progress threshold in your weight gain they start trying different additives to tweak the formula. Then, once you hit honorary resident status, they start thanking you and saying that they have made some real advancements thanks to your help.


Would be cool if you could add a bit of character customization in the beginning like how the characters gains weight (pear, apple, belly, etc.).


@Lundar I will try get some in there for you for the next release, and try and to keep it in mind going forward.

@BipBipity Yes, I hope it makes things a lot easier~

@burntmagic I am glad you like them, I shall try to not disappoint.

@FlabTepes I do want to add more of them for sure, for myself and those who use it. Thank you for the extra flavor ideas, some of them are great.

@Prism7 So interestingly enough, I actually have an event for Zone 3 (once its ready for testing) that actually does exactly that lol. Food item with random effects, one of them being rather bloating.

@madone So that’s one thing that would be in the game 100% if it wasn’t a huge time sink for me. Sadly, I am gonna have enough trouble keeping up with new weight level descriptions for even what we have now. Since someone can keep gaining and gaining between weight level releases. I am really sorry about that.


Oh I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner! How hard would it be to implement some potential weight gain scenarios for Doctor Halessie? Maybe she gets so fascinated with how the Subject is able to gain weight that she attempts to do the same or maybe it kind of “rubs off” on her?

I’m just sort of throwing that out there. I can understand why not everyone would want this since it kind of takes a bit of the focus off the main person who should be gaining weight.


@ToshDragonash Yes! The tail was definitely something that appealed to me out of your additions. I feel like some of the stuff you added was laser-targeted to my tastes :joy:

I don’t want to overload you even further with suggestions, but I do have one last one for now that could go on a list if you like it, lol:

I dunno what your plans are for the random effect food per @Prism7 (certainly looking forward to them though), but I could still see some circling back on the energy bar researcher as a vector for another minor quest, if you feel so inclined. Its one of the earliest events you can encounter, so you’ll be seeing it often overall.

Maybe you can get the researcher to finally add some flavor to it, after making the right interactions with other lab staff? Maybe after finding the AutoMeal sample, or even some other prerequisite that could occur during the pre-750 threshold (since Chapter 1 is so light on side quests).

I know you like RNG, so maybe it can start getting a randomized flavor every time you are stopped to eat one. The researcher knows nothing about human taste buds (or much cares about anything beyond efficient calories) so it could maybe range from incredibly, knee-shakingly delicious (making you beg for a second bar) to incredibly bizarre or barely edible.

And here’s where I think it might get a little YMMV for player tastes, honestly:

If the character’s weight or appetite keeps scaling up further and further into the game, maybe another side quest can be gated behind having done this one already (and encountered the addictive-flavor random result) and advanced further into the plot.

Since you essentially helped R&D a new calorie-dense food supplement by making a suggestion to the researcher, maybe there is an opportunity in later chapters to further improve it (retaining the addictive good flavor).

It could finally culminate in getting access to a daily supply of the substance, in a non-bar form. It might be a good way to introduce hose-feeding from a tank set up by the bed or the couch, as an option for those players who are into that sort of thing. It would be a later-chapter reward, so they could further descend into pure gluttony once the fridge and UMP are no longer cutting it.

Edit: Maybe the doctor can prescribe and requisition it for you by message interaction as the final quest step, or she surprises you with it as a way of administering much-needed calories during one of her house calls. Either way, you would have the option to accept or refuse it.

Finally, I wonder if it’s presence in the room can be checked-for as an unlockable option in any romantic feeding scenes. But perhaps I’m adding too many variables. Maybe a scene involving the hose and pump can just be added to the pool of possible hangouts.


Well, I guess they are studying you, and there is a reference to Spacethumper.

I just imagine “biological advancements” like that, if implemented, would come into play MUCH later into the story though.


When exactly does content end? I am in chapter 2 at around 1300lbs, dont wanna miss content, but not sure if anything comes up after here. The description of myselfe also didnt change for 200lbs so I was wondering if i am through?


Currently, weight descriptors in V0.5 cap out at 1000 lbs. I’m not sure how far we’re gonna go, but I imagine @ToshDragonash will definitely add more since we only just got started with content past the original ending at 750. You may want to exercise a lot on that save to bring yourself back down, if you want to not miss any new weight descriptions in the future. Exercising in Chapter 2 should also improve your stamina in the long run.


As @FlabTepes said. The 1000+ stage is the highest weight stage. In terms of “content” if you have fixed the UMP you technically have access to any scene possible in the game, not counting any other precursors such as meeting/befriending NPCs.

There is zero chance I can’t realistically keep up with weight stages and produce “real content” without shunning the other. They will come hand and hand, so you don’t have to worry about missing a stage or anything I promise. Flabs recommendation for exercising is the best long term recommendation. A very small chance to regain some last max stamina, I believe it takes 21 or so “procs” of the stamina gain note, to fully recover what you can for the current weight limit.


Had a feeling I saw a Spacethumper reference.
Additionally, I just came across a Fatty Text Adventure reference.



The concept of the stories must be somewhat similar, but there is no way you can say for sure.

Must be your imagination~ <3


I meant to ask…Is there a change in living accommodations expected at some point in the future, with chapter progression? At the current weight cap, it seems to be hinted-at because you already barely fit in the shower, and your hips brush the sides of doors. Kind of anticipating the day where you have to squeeze in creatively, or even get stuck.


Awesome to see more content put into this game! Glad you stepped up and added to it! I adore the depth of the customization as well, especially with the addition of the descriptors! I would love to see some options involving burps if possible! Keep up the great work! :slight_smile: