Abducted! A WGHFY Story (V4 out Now!)

Hello again, now that I am back from having a big ol’ unexpected hiatus, I present you with a brand new Twine game. This time it’s in Sugarcube, so you can save and stuff!

You are a human who lived on a space station at the edge of the Solar System that was attacked. You were captured by the attacking aliens during the battle, who took an interest in Humanity’s ability to store excess nutrients through fat. Shenanigans ensue.

Without further adoot, here’s Abducted! A WGHFY Story!

Current version:
WGHFY V4.2.zip (167.4 KB)

Previous versions:
WGHFY V3.6.zip (164.7 KB)
WGHFY V2.3.1.zip (161.9 KB)
WGHFY V1.1.1.5.zip (160.8 KB)
WGHFY Demo.zip (156.4 KB)

Hopefully you all enjoy the game in its current state. More content will come Soon™.

Good luck and happy Anniversary!


Really solid base for a game! While I enjoyed the prologue quite a bit, I appreciate you letting people skip it to get to the main part of the game faster. I enjoy the descriptions of the characters weight and the writing in general. Looking forward to more events and such to fill out the story.

Only bug I ran into was that after a certain point, it seemed that eating anything from the fridge would stuff you to the point of bursting.


If I read that last part correctly, it sounds like I messed something up in the stomach stretching/shrinking mechanics that I tried to implement. I’ll look further into it and make sure that bug is ironed out by the next update. Thank you very much for the input, hopefully the future updates will meet your expectations!

EDIT: So apparently I had messed up the function so that instead of slightly stretching the stomach every time the player overeats, it would shrink by exactly 10%. Oops.


I’m enjoying it so far but around 640 pounds I got this as part of my description when I looked in the mirror.

Error: child tag <> was found outside of a call to its parent macro <>


You know, there’s a funny story behind that. That Error means nothing, it’s just that I accidentally slapped a bit of weird code in there for some unknown reason.

That error shouldn’t cause any issues, and it’ll hopefully be gone in the next update.

I like to see how this plot goes. Maybe I could improve it in some way.

Alrighty, new version is here. I’ve added most of the features I had originally planned on having on the first release, as well as a few other things that I came up with in the process. Also, all the big glitches should be fixed, knock on wood.

So without further scooby doo, here is WGHFY V1:

WGHFY V1.zip (160.7 KB)

Good luck and enjoy!

EDIT: OKAY, so the Discord has informed me of the existence of a couple glitches. Here’s a patch.

WGHFY V1.1.zip (160.7 KB)

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Wait a second, there’s a discord?? And here I was, about to talk about a bug that might’ve already been caught on the discord. I’m so behind on the times. . .


Just the Weight Gaming discord (you can join up by clicking the discord symbol in the top right of the website if you haven’t already). I just wanted to let the dev know without clogging their thread with bug reports.

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So, is the stuffed bug actually fixed? Because now I try to stuff myself and the gaining just slowly crawls up 1 pound every like. 5 days.

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No it was not. I made the exact same problem as before, as it turns out.


WGHFY V1.1.1.1.zip (160.8 KB)

Edit: Let’s try that again


WGHFY V1.1.1.2.zip (160.8 KB)

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Ok, I think i got it this time. Hopefully this will be the last patch for V1. Otherwise I’ll probably be a bit cross about it.

WGHFY V1.1.1.3.zip (160.8 KB)

I am a bit cross.

WGHFY V1.1.1.4.zip (160.8 KB)


Let me take a guess at what happens when the immobility part comes in; maybe they will offer some mobility aid if the player wishes to continue? Or will they take them to somewhere else?

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c o d i n g i s f u n


This is excellent so far, and I hope you keep taking it further :smiley:

EDIT: Bug found: can’t Visit the doctor more than once, the variable drops from 1 to 0 after first visit, and doesn’t revert the next day. Manually editing the variable allows events to occur.

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I do believe I used this before buuuuuuuuut…

99 glitches and bugs in the code
99 glitches and bug
Take one down, compile it around
256 glitches and bugs in the code.


So Windows 10 updated on my computer last night and broke everything, so I had to fix that. Computers love me, they really do.

Now that I’ve got that fixed, here’s a patch to fix my silly mistakes

WGHFY V1.1.1.5.zip (160.8 KB)


Not sure how it happened, but I decided to eat a bunch after getting some pills and seeing the doctor, and I got the end screen:

You try to get up, but you aren’t able to lift your weight.

Oh dear, you seem to have eaten yourself into immobility!

(At the moment, this is the end of content, but there should hopefully be more content here soon. Thank you for playing!)

Ending Weight: $lbs lbs.

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Ok, I’ve fixed the many glitches that were plaguing the game’s WG system. But I’ve also added more content, so we’ve got a proper update this time around. Now we have more description text stuff, which I think is pretty nifty. I also rebalanced stomach stretching to try and give it more “realism” and added stomach shrinking that is caused by not eating enough during the day.

Knock on wood, everything should work.

WGHFY V2.zip (161.9 KB)