Games about a "fall from grace"

Title. I’m looking for games with emphasis on how much the protagonist has been impacted from their weight and an emphasis on how much life has changed from when they were thin, or just a general emphasis on the fall to gluttony. Any suggestions?

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About Gaining Perspective - Curated Projects / Gaining Perspective - Weight Gaming for sure. Probably closet thing to what you are describing out of your request I can think of.

I’m sure there are plenty of text games that does this I can think of a couple without remember the titles at the moment. As far as MC goes, while there isn’t that much, yet. That will definitely fit the theme of this game Untitled Renpy Feedee Game - Projects - Weight Gaming. At least down one of the routes. There’s a decent number of changes to habits and behaviors already in the game though. So, it’s just going to snowball from there.

Tramp - Projects - Weight Gaming some amount of MC that falls into gluttony with depictions of changes between weight

Feeder Fantasy by Fallboy - Translations & Mods (Ver. 1.2.2, Original Ver. 5.0) - Projects - Weight Gaming original or mod has a bit of it for the MC. (especially considering the male art).

Abducted! A WGHFY Story (V4 out Now!) - Projects - Weight Gaming

Worshippers of the Gain (Demo/ - Projects - Weight Gaming