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Gaining Perspective is a text game about extreme weight gain, with a fairly genuine approach to pace, presentation, and darkish themes. The depictions are unapologetically gritty, leaning toward realism even as the player reaches immobility and even well-beyond. Face physical challenges and repercussions, personal sacrifices, and pressing health concerns. Gameplay is turn-based and mostly linear, but also includes random events, budget strategy, and a surprising story with a mysterious twist.

The setup: It’s your 30th birthday. You still remember your late cousin, who met his demise a decade prior. He held out longer than anyone expected during his remarkably one-sided battle with runaway obesity. Now, you notice signs you’re putting on weight in a startlingly similar fashion. Will you resist? Will you face the consequences? Will you have enough time to uncover the entire truth behind your transformation?

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I love it!
Anything else you plan to do with this?

I have a few ideas for other events, and even some different endings – but I’ve stepped back to take a breather now that the project has been out for a bit, and the most egregious bugs have been worked out. No timelines for new content at this time. I appreciate the interest, and glad you enjoyed it.

No problem, Ive always liked the game

I do not know if you will take this as a compliment or a criticism of your game. Well i mean it as a compliment if you get confused. You see me looking at this game you created really gets my anxiety working. For being just a text adventure the description is just so vivid. Then again i am afraid of being unhealthy, yet still i have a fat fetish believe it or not. I do not think i can finish it, just its so alive i can picture it. I might have made it painfully slow on myself trying my damn hardest to keep the weight down. Just the feeling like you cant do anything is just horrible. It almost seems like between the second to last milestone before act two, it almost seems as if the game controls itself then. I feeling absolutely miserable unable to help the poor bastard. I just took the easy way out. I would honestly get depressed if i finished this game in its entirety. So if the intended tone was very dark and realistic,you really did achieve it. Now this probably means nothing to you honestly considering i am not a game critic or anything. Hell i’m just a 18 year old talking about something on his mind. Thank you for taking the time for reading this, that is if you even bothered to read this tediously long post.

Ps: this might of came a year to late now thinking about it or make a squeal that’s always good, try to make something with more concepts and game-play

Hey, no problem with the honest review. The game has a grim premise, and is designed to go in a direction that many may find disconcerting. I was fascinated by some of the eventualities of ultra-extreme obesity, this was a pet project that came of some of those concepts. I fully respect that you chose not to go further with it.

I’m not sure if I’ll be tackling another “interactive” story or game any time soon. I’ll probably want to learn a new programming platform before that happens.

Thank you for responding to me i appreciate it. I think you should write a book on this game. That is because i really want to know the twist. This is a random shot in the dark but i cant help but shake
that the twist had to do with something about paul.

for some reason the links don’t work?

Should be working now. Had some old-style forum URLs that needed tweaking.

Just got the worst ending on my first playthrough (had to cheat to live until the end though). Wow that was insane! Great game!

lol thanks. Not often you get ‘worst’, ‘insane’ and ‘great’ in the same review. XD
Hope you find the other endings. (Let me know if you get stuck). That ‘bad’ end really is supposed to hint that something… anything must be better. XD

I’m going to sound rather weird but did you create a scenario where the protag actually went to their 31st birthday party and wasn’t judged for the weight (where it causes an ending) and the game continues after that point?

The reason being is that I remember I did go to a birthday party and read I walked home with some cake in my hand, maybe I am mistaking it for something else.

Also is it possible to reach the 33rd birthday as well, as I did managed (barely though) reach the 32nd birthday, though I did pig out greatly in the first half of the story which made it rather difficult.

I believe I have it set up so that if the protag is more than 500lbs, then goes ahead with the party (or cannot afford to have Paul make excuses to cancel it), then it is always a game-ending event.

There are some slight variations in the text if you’ve managed to stay significantly lighter. As for additional birthdays beyond the 31st, I did add a trigger for more birthdays, but didn’t test it extensively. My guess is that it could be nearly impossible to “safely” host the party beyond the first year.

There’s also the issue where Twine bogs down (and history/saves get flaky) if the game runs that many turns.

I got ‘forced rehabilitation’ ending from my first playthrough. Later I started over and managed to avoid forced rehabilitation event but I hadn’t had the nerve to finish playing through the part that came afterwards because the stuff that was described seemed scary & unnerving. A very unique game, 8 out of 10

I can’t seem to access the game anymore, whenever I try, it says site can’t be reached, is this just something on my end or is the game totally inaccessible now?

Hmm. The server seems to be working normally. I’m not going to claim there couldn’t be hiccups since it’s hosted behind a residential ISP, but I’d appreciate reports if folks are noticing a continued outage.

Well done, excellent game! I like how you wrote this game

Thanks for giving it a go! Appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:

Really great game, any chance to get an endings list for people who don’t mind spoilers?

The three core endings:

1) Reach final weight without enlisting help of Donna. The hint on how to get her on board appears in the Quick Start Guide. This ending is the most brutal and unsatisfying, and lacks some back story elements.
2) Get Donna’s help, but say “no” during the “Guinness Records” event. Still very bitter-sweet.
3) As above, but answer “yes” during the same event. The closest you get to a happy ending. ^_^;