Quick Start Guide

Ok, so if you get past the ominous opening – the game is still slow to get going, punishing, and more than likely to cause some frustration. I designed it, and the least I can do is drop a few hints:

  • You’ll want to hoard the “Uncle Credits”. This is hinted at, but the level of importance is cannot be overstated. The blunt truth is you need to do chores for Paul at every opportunity, and significantly delay your weight gain / gluttony early on. Aim for at least 30 credits before you’re too big to earn more easily.

  • Yes, this is a jerk move when most folks’ first instinct will be to fatten up with reckless abandon. Yes, this makes the early game drag out even longer – but you need to do this to get very far in the second act. You will get a chance to gain weight much faster later on.

  • There is an optional character who can help you with your health in the late game, and who is necessary for the best endings.
    Since this “secret” is a bit cruel, here’s a quick slightly spoilery guide:

Between immobility and 1500lbs, buy cookies three times. Allow the lady who delivers them leave them at the door each time. When she asks about her “big spender down there”, invite her in.

  • The medical trials are easy to blow a lot of credits on, but are really only critical for two areas: Health (hopefully hitting on the permanent hardinesss perk, to help with survivability late game), and Supplements (to rapidly jump in weight, and rush the end game weight target). If your health is manageable, and your credit situation is tight, it’s often best to ONLY use them for a weight boost late-game.

Feel free to submit gameplay questions, and I’ll do my best to answer with limited spoilers.


Paul’s Basement - Like a Pimple can’t go next event. What can I do?

I don’t suppose you used the new “cheat” menu at that moment? I just realized that it has the potential break the final sequence, which is where that page appears.
Otherwise, there’s supposed to be a link at the bottom. Is it there, but not working?

Update: I’ve released a new build that might prevent the problem you encountered.

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