Most Credits in Gaining Perspective?


So I’ve been playing Gaining Perspective a lot and was wondering how many Uncle Credits you guys have managed to save up before immobility? Also, @geekdragon, have you programmed messages for collecting 50, 60, 70, 80, ETC. credits?


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I think I managed to get around 70 on one playthrough by doing my best to put off any really significant gain, but it is to some extent a matter of luck. Having peeked at the code, there are/were no messages for beyond 40.


Really? Cool! What was your strategy, if you had any specific steps?


I resisted the various temptations offered as I built up credits, so no cookies bought, no binging when your are asked to look after the house. Watch for when the various tasks start to cost you health rather than reward with credits; it may be worth using the diet testing then (and possibly get the health boost). Buy just the mint cookies, and take the longest wait to move in, then start on the telemarketing tasks until those too start to cost you health. With luck that should set you up well for the end game.


Looks like things are pretty much covered here. XD

Yes, 40 credits is the last time you get a special message while saving them up. The special messages were a late addition to the game to help players learn how many credits might be necessary – since going that extreme is hardly obvious at first. I didn’t go past 40 because I believed that was a sensible place to proceed, and I wasn’t sure it was practical to save many more.

Just a couple of revisions to Dingo’s suggestions.

  • In the early (pre-moved in/immobile) stage, it’s possible to avoid buying any cookies at all – even “just the mint” ones. There’s no ill effect – but the game will often “randomly boost” your gluttony when you try keep it low. This is normal, and was implemented to keep someone from completely halting their progress.
  • Paul’s tasks will start to cause you harm more often as you approach immobility – but once you move in, the telemarketing/paperwork tasks NEVER hurt. The only reason to skip them is that you have a chance of recovering some extra health if you relax and skip the work day.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I forgot those parts! Then again I never really get to there that often because I’m focused on pre-immobility stuff.


Ugh… just got the “Best Ending” and it’s one of the few things that made me sick to my stomach. It’s up there with “Fallout 4 Cannibalism” and “First time I saw Ben Drowned.”


You’re sure it was the “best” one? There are basically three versions of the main ending. I’m not going to claim any of them are all warm and fuzzy, but the good ending was supposed to be pretty tame.

Sorry for the nausea, in any case. XD


Yeah, the game said it was the best of the 3 endings when I completed it.