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New Changes:
Don’t get too excited. Just fixed some typos, such as “anti-infammatories”, “degredation”, “likelyhood”, “straighforward”, “shakey”, “persuing”, and “alledged”. They likely won’t be the last. XD

Previous Builds:

Fix: A couple of lines from Donna’s backstory still assumed a male playable character.
Fix: A few small conditional errors and typos
Added: A handful of new flavor texts
Added: A unique flavor text entry following “sucessful” Mexican food binge

Fix: Paul moving event incorrectly re-triggers if immobility reached early
Fix: Typo still mentioning 22nd birthday instead of 30th after age revisions in previous build.
Tweak: Screen fade effect disabled to make things feel more responsive. Any ‘lag’ that remains is pure processing delay.
Added: A smattering of new daily report comments (“flavor text” entries) and corrections. New group of comments at 350lbs. Dropped the “fat-related insight” theme on some of these due to inconsitency.
New events: Online gaming, Mexican food binge
Fix: The “online gaming” event is only triggered if >2 weeks since the previous occurrence
Tweak: Minor adjustments in health recovery and mobility issue event frequency (somewhat easier)

About Gaining Perspective

New build added - July 25, 2018. Refer to top of thread for the latest.


New Build added - September 28, 2018. Don’t get too excited. Just fixed some typos.