Bug Reports

Kindly discuss broken things here, so I can track them, fix them, and make excuses. :sweat_smile:

Known Issues:

  • Attempting to write new saves late in the game (usually after 1-year in-game) may produce an error due to a browser storage space limitation. A workaround is to try deleting other occupied slots until you can successfully save your current game. I’ve considered reducing the number of slots, and tried to make saves more space-efficient, but otherwise have no better solution for this issue yet.

The project website and build links aren’t working. What happened?

Sorry about that. The site is self-hosted, and my ISP changed some equipment today. I’m hoping to have it back up in an hour or two.

Edit: Should be back now. Thanks again for the report.

I found some more female start bits that could stand an edit:
(potential spoilers if you open these up)

Donna's Boyfriend

“I suppose, more than anything else, I find this therapeutic.”

Half asleep, you struggle to catch Donna’s train of thought. Was there a question? How much did you miss?

“Don’t pretend you haven’t wondered. What’s my motivation? Why come back here each day? What possesses a young woman with plenty of options to willingly choose ‘unpaid blob-man custodian’?”

More Donna

“Then there’s you – his complete opposite. My shelter from the storm. I think I’m drawn to you because in your own peculiar way, you represent everything he never was. You’re so helpless. So appreciative. You’re predictable, honest and easy-going. From the moment we met, I could see past the daunting trainwreck you were making of your body, because I also saw something that subconsciously put me at ease – the very definition of a man who would be literally incapable of hurting me.”

Part of a conditional?

Paul pointedly ignores her, fixing his attention on Jeff for a moment. “Guinness Records, was it? You’re in the right place. Enjoy! Can you believe I ever wanted to keep this a secret?” His eyes flick back, hungrily anticipating the big event. He mumbles to nobody in particular. ”Any moment, this whore will explode, just like (2 is 2) she deserves. All these years, and justice finally served. Everybody should know about this.”

I’m pretty sure man here is referring to the female PC, so it should simply be woman. Possibly the whole paragraph needs some re-work, as (by definition) she can’t be a man who would hurt Donna.

@NoNoYes: you may want to edit to also hide my text in your quote for spoilers.

Thanks for those. Definitely some artifacts from when the PC could only be male. That logic of that whole section gets a bit sketchy with a simple pronoun flip, so I’ll take a look at what needs changed.

Edit: Everything mentioned above should now be resolved in the latest build.

I have trouble saving from slot 5-8 in the latest build. It just keeps saying error. I also can’t overwrite my saves anymore and I’m in day 515 and 2570 lbs if you need that info

This sounds like a symptom of a known problem where the browser save-storage area gets full (especially with “lengthy” games, like yours) and throws errors on a new save/replace. Unfortunately I haven’t found an ideal solution.

Something to try would be to delete one of the existing slots, and see if that allows you to write a new one. It’s not an ideal workaround, and the problem may get worse if your game continues.

I do appreciate the report though. I’m a little surprised you saw this with only 4 slots filled, since I had taken steps to reduce the save size and thought it was more difficult to hit the limit.

Deleted a few of my saves and yup it worked. I did save quite frequently lol. Hopefully there would be an effective solution for the limit of the save-storage area in the near future

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How do you actually get the Donna stuff going? She just runs away whenever I ask her to bring the cookies to me.

@pizzajunky334 It isn’t straightforward:

Once you move into Paul’s place use you points to order cookies 4 times. The first three times don’t allow Donna to come down. On the fourth time allow her down. You have to do this before some other weight related event happens (I can’t remember which one) so take it easy on the gaining until Donna has seen you.

Thanks @dingotush

Yeah, I can’t remember if the total number of times is 3 or 4 – but that exchange can be less than obvious (which is why I mention it in the quick start guide).

Donna was intended to be a bit of a reward for those who figure it out, since she unlocks two of the three “better” endings. There’s actually a counter, so that you have to give her space before the “come in” option works. Her dialogue changes slightly each time, becoming more comfortable with each uneventful delivery. The key line is when she mentions her “big spender down there”.

I thought that might be it but I didn’t wait long enough when I tried it. Thanks for the reply…

The project website and build links aren’t working. What happened?

Looks fine on my side.

The files are hosted on cheap equipment though a small ISP, so a service hiccup wouldn’t surprise me. Seems to be working though. Let me know if anyone’s having more issues.

I found a bug that when you make the decision to move in and choose the “tomorrow” option, it then has you repeat the Mysterious Something event at the start of the game. It did it twice, so I’m not sure if it is due to the browser (Windows 10 for me) or due to me gaining weight a bit too fast that the game is having a hiccup.

I can see where rapid weight gain at the beginning could break some of my assumptions in the code.

The “mysterious something” scene typically comes up between turn number 2 and 8 (depending on how long you put off Uncle’s request to see him). If you gain enough to get the “move in” options before that’s done, the events might get crossed up.

Let me know if when observing this glitch, you already saw the “mysterious something” scene earlier. If it’s appearing again (or multiple times), that’s a bit more broken than I thought, and I may have to dig a bit deeper.

Thanks for the report.

Well I didn’t use the weight cheat, however my gluttony was high when it did happen (overfed). I had also gotten the door to waist ratio event just before finding the bug, but wasn’t trapped in my room yet or immobile.
The second time it happened I had used the uncle credit cheat as the bug took al of the credits and reduced it to 5.

Found the issue, and a new build is available to stomp this particular bug.

For anyone who might have experienced this glitch, it only happened if “tomorrow” is chosen during the move-in event. Honestly, this option is usually poor value for your credits, and I may have overlooked this one due to inadequate testing and player bias. XD

Thanks again for the report, and for checking out the game.

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