A user maintained list of games

A list of relevant games:

This post is in Wiki mode. That means that anyone who has reached Trust Level 1 (which you can get from basically reading stuff on the forum, I think) can edit it and add a game (or several) to this OP - it doesn’t even have to be your own game. I’m not planning to be the only one keeping this up to date - it has to be a group effort. I’ve done a few of the curated project ones for starters.

I’m going to outline a format with the first few entries. Basically a list in alphabetic order, and consisting of:

  • a link to the game forum entry if there is one, or to where it’s hosted externally
  • the kind of game in very general terms
  • the engine/language it’s built on (if known)
  • the operating system if it’s just for one platform
  • the developer’s username (don’t try to use @ tags, there seems to be a limit per post)
  • a list of “fetish tags” that apply (feel free to add more if you know the game)

BEWARE: Discord forum doesn’t support concurrent (more than one editor at a time) edits in a terribly useful way, so I’d recommend cut-n-pasting your entries into notepad before submitting, in case they are overwritten.


Expand on the operating system, to just list all platforms supported instead. (Mac, Win, Linux)

Is this supposed to be a user-maintained version of the old spreadsheet of games?

@madone, I thought about that, but you can run windows on mac hardware (unless you’ve one dating to their Motorola days), put Hackintosh on many PCs, and both can run Linux. So many things can run Linux. Then you’ve got virtualisation to add in to the mix (OSX on Windows, Windows on Linux,…). So it seemed simpler to just stick to operating system.

@Chubberdy pretty much, yes. The spreadsheet had more detail, but I don’t think @kilif could keep up with it. It was unreasonable to think one person could, really, and unfair to expect them too.

The spreadsheet hasn’t been maintained for years now, this is a much cleaner solution to the problem.

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On the mac there are two types of windows (boot camped, or sandboxed in wine or parallels, etc.). There is a difference. I dumped running windows on my mac (also run linux and solaris) because of its annoying stealth updating (I tried to disable it to no avail) and the fact it still had execution issues which unix never fails to have.

hopefully this will be pinned (or something) so it doesn’t get lost and people start to fill stuff in

why does the engine/language matter by the way? it feels like it only says something if it is made with like twine or rpgmaker, text adventure and jrpg are genres that describe what they are so why not just use those instead?

also what genre is Eat the Dungeon? I couldn’t come up with something more accurate than rpg/rts

@Yamhead Yes, I hope it does get pinned, though that’s above my pay grade, it needs a Leader, or an Admin.

Does the engine matter? I’m not sure to be honest. I know some people don’t like certain engines, know that they won’t work on their setup, or prefer them. Another thought was that as there are quite a few developers here they might be interested in looking at what other people can do in that engine.

Eat the Dungeon - I think it’s rather in a class of it’s own, maybe dungeon crawler? Hopefully @bewildered_angel will see the notification and amend the entry it if they disagree - I debated about adding creator @ tags, but figured it would notify if they were mentioned in the topic.

@madone I agree, dual-boot and virtualised are two very different things. The forum probably needs a pinned post somewhere about how to run windows games on mac hardware, but I don’t think I’m the person to write it - I use VirtualBox, but not really for games. Also I don’t even know where to put it - it’s on-topic, but not a project, but maybe it should be in projects?

I totally hear you about reliability though. I have a Solaris box that boots when the power comes on, and then just works until there’s a power outage (unless I’ve been playing with writing device drivers). The longest uptime has been nearly three years, I can’t say that about any other OS I’ve used.

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@kilif Thank you. Can you pin this if it is looking useful?

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Doing the god’s work. Thanks man!