The Lipomancer's Ruins [v1.4 out Now!]

Ya boi Somchu the Lurker is a lurker no more! That’s right, I made a game!

You are the Adventurer, who has been sent by a local village to fight the Lipomancer, a powerful Witch who has been terrorizing the villagers for generations.

Will you be able to get through the Ruins, reach the top of the Lipomancer’s Tower, and beat the Lipomancer? Or will you succumb to the Lipomancer’s influence? Only time will tell!

Anyways, without further adieu, here is the latest version of The Lipomancer’s Ruins:

Lipomancers Ruins v1.4.2.3 and a (152.4 KB)

Good luck, and happy hunting!

Older versions:
Lipomancers Ruins (97.9 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (99.9 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (102.4 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (103.6 KB)B)
Lipomancers Ruins (106.9 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (111.7 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (112.8 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (117.0 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (117.8 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (119.9 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (121.2 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (123.4 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (149.1 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (131.8 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (136.0 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (143.1 KB)
Lipomancers Ruins (152.1 KB)

EDIT: I removed some of the versions on the list that were just more-buggy versions of newer patches.


or as everyone else calls it, thursday.

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You mean on here or outside america in general?

Cause yes.

Edit with notes as I go:

when pranking the shop keeper, the cake disappears until you buy an apple or leave and re-enter.

Gaining health as you gain weight would be neat. Just to somehow extend the time you can spend grinding and give a justification to not just go out and spam “excercise”.

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Nice start. You definitely have something going here.
For updates, I’d above else recommend the weight descriptions. To me at least, they’re the most important parts of these kinds of games with no visuals.

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Yes, with stuff for moving around as well. Some flavortext for getting low on health and how sloppy they get with just throwing stuff your way cause you get too full to fully move would be cool too.

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I’ve been trying basically everything, but I can’t seem to get the Secret Ending.

Gotten immobile in the village, immobile in the ruins and defeated by monster.

Anyone got a tip?

Apples. Lots of apples.

Yeah, flavor texts are most likely going to be one of the first things I add in 1.2. The only reason I didn’t have more is because I just wanted make a game that was at least playable before trying to push my knowledge of programming to it’s limit by doing anything more creative than programming the game to say “waddle” instead of other flavor words at higher weights.

A brand new version of The Lipomancer’s Ruins is out! I added a few requested features, along with some other stuff.

+Fixed glitch(es).

+A little bit of new flavor text.

+Added an Ending Tracker to the Main Menu, as well as one, count 'em, one brand-new ending (The Bad Ending, if you will).

+HP is now connected to the Adventurer’s current weight.

+Added some flavor and stuff for higher weights.

+Laid the groundworks for flavor text when the Adventurer Examines Herself. I still need to fully fill it out, though.

+To see the full list of changes, see the Changelog that you can find on the Main Menu.

You can download the latest version here:
Lipomancers Ruins (99.9 KB)

Happy hunting and happy Thanksgiving!


How many is a lot? Because I just plowed through like, 50 and nothing happened.

Eat a few of them in the middle of combat (But hold onto a few) and reach one of the Ruin Endings.

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Here I am having just played the version 1 a bit, and come to find version 2 is out. Gonna give it a test lol

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Well version 2 is definitely an improvement. Enjoying it a lot so far just a few quick comments/questions.

  1. Is there going to be a choice/established gender for the adventurer? Might influence what people think of the game and possible descriptions
  2. The descriptions are enjoyable, but at some point (like 500 lbs) there just… isn’t a description? And then it comes back later closer to the immobility ending. And those later descriptions are a little bland as they just say “You are ___” insert phrase meaning fat.
  3. If you die to a monster, but hit the back arrow it suddenly treats it as if you won the fight sometimes.
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  1. Probably not going to make a choice for gender since A) I’d probably have to at least double to the size of the game just to make a Male path (Or at least totally rework the weight code to allow the choice) and B) I don’t want to, since male weight gain is not my cup of tea. There will likely be more fleshing out (haha) of the Adventurer’s character in the following updates.

  2. Pretty much all of the weight descriptions are either placeholders or incomplete as of v0.2. I plan on adding proper descriptions Soon™, but I wanted to build the code the weight system just to get that part out of the way as quickly as possible. Also, I haven’t actually written weight descriptions for specific weight categories before, so I need to figure out how I’m going about that.

  3. That’s a flaw in how the combat system works, since it’s basically just a glorified coin toss at the moment. I don’t believe there is currently a way to fix this glitch without removing the RNG or something (Maybe I could somehow get the game to remember the results of an attack? But for now, that’s well beyond my knowledge). Or just removing the back button somehow, but that’d be a lame fix.

I can’t make any promises, but question 2 should hopefully be sorted out by the next update. Either that or I’ll go off track and do something like making a combat system that isn’t just a coin toss to the death. But I’m pretty sure the next update should add a lot more flavor.


Thank you that’s good to know. I tend to be more into female weight gain anyways, so part of me is hopeful that there will be description leaning in that direction. Also, I was wondering if you have any more tips regarding endings? I found the secret button ending, I’ve been immobile in the village, been defeated in the ruins, and was too big to get up in the ruins, but I’m not sure what else to do. I read the previous comment about apples and have been eating like 20-30 apples in the ruins, in and out of combat, and nothing seems to be happening besides the monster getting bored after like 3 apples.

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There was a bit of a misunderstanding there. You only need to eat apples until the monster gets bored, and then you unlock additional options on the immobile in the Ruins and Knocked Out endings if you still have apples in your inventory. Admittedly they aren’t that great of endings, but they seemed like a good idea at the time. But worry not, as there will hopefully be far more endings as time goes, some of which will actually have substance to them.


Yeahh I figured that out eventually lol. I’m still highly curious what other endings there are though, I only know of maybe 4? Is exercise involved with one? Or eating coins?

Yes, exercising yourself to death is one of the endings (I figured that was a better way to go about stopping the player from exercising to the point of breaking the game or something than just saying “You can’t exercise any more”)

As for eating the coins, that was just something I added because I noticed that coins were the only item in your inventory you couldn’t eat. That got me thinking “You know what would be funny? If coins could also be eaten.” so I slapped that feature on.

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Okay that’s good to know. I tried eating literally 120 coins and it stopped letting me eat them when I had 10 left for some reason. I’m at 6/8 endings so far (counting the exercise one)

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Oh yeah, that was a stopgap feature I added to keep you from eating your “original” coins, since I figured those would probably not be edible.