Doki Doki Literature Club - That Special Day

Hello everyone. We were approached about sharing our project here by the current owner of the forums, so I figured I’d write up a little post myself. This was a project spearheaded by Dr-Black-Jack whom some of you may know. He was the one who wrote out the script and contacted all the artists involved, and I worked on turning his motion books into a (somewhat) interactive executable.

This is a standalone fangame based on DDLC that was worked on for Valentine’s Day 2018. In keeping true with the original source material, there’s definitely a bit of a horror element, just so you’re all aware. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy it.

The exe can be found here on my dA, including a mostly complete list of artists who had a major part in contributing to the game. Here’s a link to a journal on Doc’s dA page containing all three parts in YouTube form for easy viewing. In addition, the original motion book versions of each route can be found in his gallery.

Doc and I will be around and happy to chat about the project.


There was a lot of effort put into this project, and it shows.

I know, its crazy, They even got voice acting for some of it!

Speaking of that, where did you all end up finding them @HighKalorie? They sounded really good and that cover of Your Reality was really good.

Ooh… The original game really spooked me… I’d love to try this, but i think I’ll wait until the memory fades~

But I’ll definitely try this! The girls look cute all soft like that. Hopefully we can make them bigger! I’ll really enjoy it if there are stuffing scenes!

Doc would have to answer that one. He’s more or less the guy who made a lot of this happen.

The voices are two different actresses, one for the girls and one for the song. The main actress is Trina of the patreon page ‘swellreads’ where she mostly does voice overs for wg flavored things. The other girl is Littlemsmeister who is a voice actress on a voice acting channel that showed interest in singing a wg version of the ending theme as a one off at least.

That’s interesting, I will have to find that patreon and post the link in our help channel. I am sure it will help some one some day.

@HighKalorie I do have a programming question for you though. How did you migrate that over to an .exe? I know Black-Jack uses that DA motion graphic app, and at points your .exe looks like it just runs that and at others it does not.

I really just played it by eye and recreated scenes to the best of my ability. There’s no real way to migrate that sort of thing over, so I just used the assets provided to me to match it as closely as I could.

You did a good job at that. Did you use an engine or custom?

Used Tyranobuilder for the project. Very easy to use and has support for more advanced things in the future.

DDLC WG Monika Trailer - YouTube Just because the credits roll doesn’t mean the story is over.


Very nice! Cant wait to see whats planned.

Demo for Monika’s chapter is now available for download

PC version

Mac version


What a cliffhanger. Can’t wait for the rest of the day to unfold.

Hey guys, the first part of the final game is now available.

The entire thing should be ready to go on the 7th of November so look forward to it!


Been looking forward to this for awhile. Cant wait to see the next part!

What’s funny is that it seems very linear on the surface, but being able to get at least two different passwords shows that there’s much more to be had under the hood, which I love! I can’t wait to see what it all plays into in the end! I think a YouTube video of what each choice plays into would be nice for after playing through at least once. Maybe at least videos showcasing the best and worst decisions? Either way, I feel like we’ll need more than 6 save slots for this in the long run, especially if we’ll end up needing to toy with choices on our own. All in all, this is an amazing fan project, and I again can’t wait for it to be finished! I’ll be doing another fresh start when it launches.
(This was copied from my comment on the dA page.)

Really enjoyed this Black Jack. It is great to see the attention to detail and energy you put into it. It really shows.

Hey guys, small delay on the game release by a couple of days. Aiming to have it out by Friday so hopefully not too much longer!

Thanks for keeping us informed!