Doki Doki Literature Club - That Special Day



Alrighty guys, it’s finally done!

Big thanks to everyone for putting in all the hard work and effort to finishing this one.

We hope you enjoy it.


I literally made this account just to personally thank you, you beautiful bastard you.

A fatty VN (featuring best dokis no less) is something I’ve been looking for years and what can I say, I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

So, yeah, thanks BlackJack.


I keep glitching out during the second stage of the bonus round. Is there any kind of work around to prevent that?


reducing size kind of helps but if one of the girls goes up a fat level on a side she isn’t supposed to be on the game glitches out and freezes. Got to the end once but gave the thing to the wrong girl and lost. This is unbelievably frustrating


Amazing game, great story too. I didn’t finish it because my nerves got to me, I can’t handle jumpscares or many things scary and so when I got to the Yuri part I stopped after I opened the door. I’m just going to wait until the youtube version, do you know if you have a set date for the youtube version, great game, I just can’t deal with scary stuff sorry.
Edit: Nvm, I steeled myself and went through it, and honestly, I loved the ending to this game and thank you so much for making this project.


Just got done with my initial playthrough, and I loved how it went! The story went really well! Definitely wasn’t expecting something like that! But, I don’t think I’m done with it just yet. Expect to see an edit of this post tomorrow perhaps.

EDIT: Bit of a spoiler here so

Seeing the spoilers for the endings below, I was a bit scared that only the choice with Yuri affected the ending, but I was glad to see that that was in fact not the case! Basically, it seems that any “bad” choice, or at least confessing Yes to any of the girls (Maybe letting Natsuki die anymore than the initial time) influences the bad ending, yet she still mentions what you said to Yuri. Other than that, absolutely loved this! Definitely came together real nice, but I did run into a very slight bug. Some of the assets freak out a bit when using the “Skip” function, but you probably won’t encounter that on your first playthrough. I do agree that the Debu Debu bonus game should be it’s own thing.
(Another small spoiler, but it’s for the Debu Debu game.) I got to the cupcake, didn’t know what to do with it, and then lost the game. Any explaination? All in all, I highly recommend this to weight gain and DDLC enthusiasts alike (But mostly WG enthusiasts).


the debu debu literature club minigame just needs to be it’s own thing I don’t think Tyano Builder can actually support it. I’ve not once had an instance where it didn’t freeze at some point. It’s a really cool side thing but the program just can’t handle it


A really nice cool game just wanted to also post to point out incase anyone didn’t know there’s 2 different endings

Bad Ending: Once you get to Yuri accept her confession about wanting to have sex with you.
This will also lead to Monika telling you how she thinks there’s enough of you to share with everyone and the implication of essentially now having a personal harem of fat girls. Only for it to be revealed Monika has gone insane again and infacted all the other girls with her code thus meaning no matter who you’d sleep with you’d still be sleeping with her. As you try to delete Monika she merges the girls into one and transcends into gaining higher control of the program.
The games ends with a fake error screen from Monika saying she’ll see the player soon implying she plans to escape / take over your computer.

Good Ending: Say no to Yuri’s confession. This will result in the festival going as planned and Monika thanking you as the other girls walk off to get food from the other stands. You also get the credit roll and unlock debu debu literature club (the feeding mini game) and Monika’s writing studio that creates short procedurally generated weight gain stories for you to read.

Also a warning of a possible bug / more likely issue with the engine struggling

If you save in the cafeteria at the start of the Natsuki section. If you load that save the game will slow down to a near stop and basically lock up after Monika turns side on. So save outside Natsuki’s house or after Natsuki’s section not while in the cafeteria.