Fattaker - A Fatty Remake of Helltaker (Directors Cut Update On Hiatus)

After 3 months of hard work with me and my friend @Cj-x4.3 we finally finished our magnum opus!
We decided to answer the age old question- What if Helltaker, but fat?


This is (mostly) a remake of the original game featuring demonic ladies, except now made with our much much thicker preferred proportions in mind!
We used this editor to bring the game to life. It isn’t complete yet, so we were unable to do everything we wanted, but we made it work!

The game features an absurd amount of art from my dear friend CJ, he really worked his ass off, so please, show him some love!

Watch him on DA
Follow him on the Twitters
And toss him a couple bucks on Patreon!

He’s done so much work for the community, and he would really appreciate the support! Plus he has a lot of cool projects coming soon!

I did all the embarassing cringe inducing writing and design in the game, so please blame me for it!

We got a ton of help from @mythical-chikin and @WaxeRed as well! So many bugs squashed and girls made even better because of their help!

The game features a number of fetishes to appeal to the ever so broad WG community including-
WG, Slob, Corruption, Immobility, Dom, Sub, Vore, Sweat, and the most disgusting of all fetishes, wholesomeness.

Thank you so much for playing our game!
(There are a couple of bad ends in the game as well! Keep an eye out!)
(P.S. The chapter select DOES NOT work, this is one of the limitations of the current build of the editor used)


This is so cool! Downloading it right now!


i might try it tomorrow when i have more time but it looks nice

The dream has happened. Fat demon harem.

I don’t really like that if you fail/get a bad end, any start of level cutscene has to be played again before you actually continue on. Especially prevalent when I was trying to do gate legitimately for old time’s sake.

I like the direction you guys went with during the Judgement fight, though I have a feeling it’s more out of necessity than anything else. Patterns for the lasers sometimes feel random, though I know it isn’t in reality. Still tripped me up more than a couple of times, until I learned how to speedrun them.

Lastly, chapter select from the main menu doesn’t seem to work, just brings up Beelzebub’s exit game dialogue without actually exiting. Speaking of which, is there any way to see the lord of flies here? Usual method doesn’t work right.

Glad you asked! Forgot to bring these up.

As I said in the post, the editor is unfortunately quite limited, most everything that seems off was out of necessity. Chapter select just doesn’t work in the editor for example.

We decided against adding Beelzebub as there was no tool to do her section. We may do a more definitive version if the editor ever gets it’s 1.0.

I hear you on the level intro dialogue though, I may have thought of a solution but I’d have to start messing with the data files.

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:gun: I’m gonna hold so many hands, you can’t stop me!


slurp tch Nice!

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I have not played the original helltaker, but i genuinely did enjoy this one, the only puzzle i couldn’t solve was the last one with Judgement woman and my only complaints is that there isn’t immobile art for all the girls and you can’t save (After closing the game, and tried to level select but it didn’t work), good job all around though!


This is a real surprise! I played the whole thing, and really enjoyed it, the art was generally pretty good. My only real criticism would be to clean up some of the coloring honestly, some portraits are definitely messier than others. And not just meaning the slob.

The addition of bad end cg’s was a really neat touch. It definitely added a bit more reason to choose wrong dialogues or just see what results would happen. Azazel’s post game scene is a big favorite of mine and easily made her my favorite of the bunch.
My only real lament is that only a couple of the girls actually gained any weight beyond their initial appearances, which isn’t really a criticism, just a personal taste thing.

Great job guys, this turned out nice and it might? Be a first for a full fat parody game. I’m not sure I’ve seen one before.


great game question is there any secret end

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coming from someone who played the original helltaker this a good fat version of it. but there are problem like some portraits are but messier than others like six said plus the lack of save feature hurt it. bit disapoint far has i know there nothing with beelzebub like gluttony is there sin. you had it a silver plate and you just dump the food in the trash.

motivation 100

i actually did try the original game and i hope to play this

Absolutely a question that needed an answer. The visuals and writing were great, and this was fun.

I agree with @Sixes Azazel became one of my favorite parts of this. I would of personally liked to see a bit more weight gain at the end for at least some of the girls but not something that really detracts from anything for me. I think you guys knocked it out of the park with this. Definitely can feel the craft and care that went into this great job.


Loved this game, especially with Malina. Wished more games had slob content. Only nitpick was that level select did not work, but the option to skip levels made that a nonissue.

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Damn good game. Its a damn shame there isn’t an extras menu where we can see all the bad ends without having to repeat levels tbh

If you go into the menu you can press “skip level” and it completes the level and triggers the cutscene


This is precisely the type of mod I have been praying for!


I will likely do some changes in the future like a rudimentary gallery, but some things are pending an update to the editor.

how many bad ends are there? 3? or more? does each demon have one? a lot of the demons I’ve tried my best to get a bad end but it seems like they just love my choice no matter which kind of choice I make…

I found 5 “bad endings” with Pandemonica, Modeus, Azazel, Lucifer and in the last conversation with Judgment.