Greed's End. (Completed)

(Once a part of the 2022 game Jam, now completed.)

A ruthless and cold business tycoon, Sam has lived her entire life in pursuit of one thing. Money. For years she’d grown and expanded her fortune at the expense of anyone who had the poor luck to cross her path.

One night, Sam wakes up on a train with no memory of how she boarded. There’s three other girls riding with her, each with a similar lack of memory of arriving on this strange train. But things start to become clear when Sam meets the one in charge of the train, and the four girls learn that the time has come for them to be judged for their lives of Greed…



Writer: WaxerRed
(Currently making a long ongoing game, Apostles: Apostles )

Writer: LazerCamel.
(Has a game for those who like fat demon harem, Fattaker, : Fattaker - A Fatty Remake of Helltaker (Directors Cut Update On Hiatus)

Art: CJ
(Makes so many things, the post would triple in length if I listed them all. Cj-x4 - Hobbyist | DeviantArt and Cj-X4 is creating fat art, sprites and games for a living | Patreon

Music: Bed Jam

Technical advice and guidance: PeachClamNine

(Bonus thanks to Grimimic for the use of the candy golem sprites.)


Great stuff!
By the way, I’m guessing this is the same version as you posted previously on the Apostles thread, right?

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Yup! Nothing new there, just wanted to cover all bases for putting the game out there. While it has about 50% more content then what was in the game jam, this is the same as what was posted in Apostles the other day.

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Loved the GameJam version, so I’ll definitely need to check the finished one out.

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Thanks! Hope you enjoy all the new stuff!


Played through most of it, enjoyed most of the experience. It’s not really my kind of experience, with the dark tone and irredeemable protagonist, but it was fun. However, I gotta complain about one thing - my computer sucks ass. So, I had perfect performance the whole game, because its an rpgmaker game… until I had to protect the thief chick from pink dudes. It was perfectly fine on the first 2 pink dudes, but as more and more spawned, the game chugged so bad I couldn’t keep up with them and kept dying infinitely. I cannot beat the game currently, due to my technical limitations.


Sorry about that. Here is a save file right after the mini game. You should be able to take it, put it in “www” then “save” to overright your save file one.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the game!


Hey thanks I really appreciate that!

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I absolutely freaking loved the game! ^w^ I mean, just like Muffintopmanor1, I did have some performance issues with protecting Yara due to my crappy computer. But all the lag just stopped suddenly, so… Yea, no complaints here! ^w^


I love this game. Not only is it a weight gain game, but it legit has a touching and interesting story. Each girl in it has her character arc and it’s amazing. Not many games I play with the kink include good story telling, so this was a nice breather for me. I hope you make more games like these!


@Oku Glad you enjoyed it!

@Geekyboybrief Thank you, very very, much! It’s always encouraging to hear things like that!
And if you are looking for another WG game with a big focus on character growth (pun intended) I do have a long running game called “Apostles” that I’ve been working on for quite a bit now. If you have the time to play it, hope you enjoy!

I absolutely adored it! Did feel like the end was odd,but I loved the writing, while I usually am all eugh story in my fetish game,probably going to be so incredibly cliché and boring,but I truly loved it, I was going to say it reminded me of the writing of another game who I equally loved the story of,but guess what, I had no idea you were from apostles xD

But yes,great job! Be proud!


Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed!

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