Stuck on Holiday - a Text Adventure

Follow the link to play the game:

Please leave any thoughts, be they enthusiastic or critical. I love thoughts.
Version 1.3 is up now; complete with bug fixes, thanks to your help! Keep 'em coming.


It took me four times as long as Stuck in School, but I’m hoping the extra effort is palpable. I do want to get away from just text adventures, but it’s been nice becoming more familiar with Quest. I am going to put more effort into learning how to illustrate in the future, though.

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It’s quite fun so far but some of the doors don’t really work. Both the front and back door stay locked even once we’ve all gotten in, which means I can’t bring the groceries in and once I’m chubby I’m locked out for ever.


I can’t find Benny to give him the disc. When you look at Kiersten it says she’s looking at him, but he’s not in the room with her. Also, as previously mentioned, the front door doesn’t open even after you unlock it.

Thanks for playing my game! I fixed the door bug, and I believe Benny mentions that he’s in the front yard. Kiersten is no longer looking at him when he’s not in the room. Thanks for finding those bugs!

Thanks for playing the game! I fixed the bug with the doors. Let me know if you find any more glitches!

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What do I have to do after the date with connor in the basement?
When it went into night time, talking to Connor only gives the option to say goodbye, causing a foodorsex script error.
And after climbing out with his help and butter do I not know how to progress. Thought maybe going to bed, but I can only sit on it


How did you manage to get into the basement? When I met him near the window I had no option to climb through it after him?

There’s a couple of bugs. After eating pancakes in the kitchen, that area in the parts following triggers the “food coma” and prompts you to continue, which puts you back at part 4 where everyone except Kristen is away.

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there should be “go through basement window” option

Couple of bugs for you:

  • After unlocking the front door anytime you try to use “Open” it says the door cannot be opened.
  • The bag of groceries in the car is never able to be taken inside, it always just tells you “You should probably leave these be until there’s an easy way inside.”
  • In chapter 4 or 5 if you re-enter the kitchen the game will loop back around to the beginning of chapter 4
  • At the end of the Connor scene in chapter 5 if you choose “Say goodbye” you get “Error running script: Error compiling expression ‘foodOrSex’: Unknown object or variable ‘foodOrSex’”
  • When trying to leave the basement, nothing happens after choosing “into the basement window” then “Continue”, not even a Game Over

Otherwise, it was great!

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How can I get past the connor date scene? I feel like im stuck in progression

The doors are not fixed. They still stay locked.

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Okay, fixed the foodorsex script error. Still exploring how you got out without the game ending… Thanks for your bug hunting, though!

Any chance we could get a downloadable version? The text adventures website is fucking terrible and keeps freezing.

Also, again, the front door is still broken and can’t be opened so you can’t bring in the groceries or go back inside when you walk out.

you already have a downloadable version. far down on the right hand side of the webpage.

I recommend you download all quest games. (also you have to download quest itself.)

this will solve all your problems though.


I think I was able to fix most of these bugs? To be honest, I simply hadn’t planned on the groceries doing anything later in the game. Let me know if any of these keep coming up for you, and consider downloading Quest for a downloadable version of the game. It may improve the experience. Thanks again!

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After getting the wire cutters I am instantly teleported to the start of the 4th day in the guest bedroom.

Yo! I loved your game! It’s really awesome. Don’t you have some more text adventures like that one in your pockets? Keep up creating games like that. Definitely suitable and interesting use of stuck and weight gaining. When it comes to suggestions, because you’ve asked for ones, well… There’s not much to improve but I’d like to kindly suggest more “fat levels” as I’ve reached “the fattest” quite fast and eating tons of new food in lategame didn’t change anything. Maybe adding some penalty for definitely overeating would be fine? Btw. if you’re into this, I’d like to recommend you another WG-based text adventure I’ve found some time ago : Glutton Manor by RangersRanger123 Check it out, maybe you can take some inspirations from it for further productions :wink:


Anyone know how to download a twine game like this from It seems kind of odd to not be able to download a twine game, given that it’s such a small file… but well… You can save as the page but that doesn’t work at all.

Alternatively anyone know how to expand the small window twine games like this run in? I know I can fullscreen it, but I don’t want to do that, I just want to make the game take up the full window, leaving my menu and taskbar and such in place…