Stuck on Holiday - a Text Adventure

if you’re using desktop application you should be able to download twine game as the app generally allows to download most of the titles to your “library” to run them offline. It worked with Glutton Manor for me so

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Also, when Nicole eats everything on her way, it means she gets “fat” size making her unable to get the frisbee from doghouse. In that case, games kinda locks in a loop. I’ve checked all the floors, rooms, talked to others and there’s nothing that allows the game to continue. The frisbee friend keeps saying “you’re empty handed, can’t you get it?” and there’s no way to report failure. Is it supposed to be like that? Aimless wandering around without getting the frisbee should trigger some kind of ending so the player knows it’s over. Forgive me, if there’s some way to continue without the frisbee but I believe I’ve checked everything I could.

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a) butter
b) get it earlier

edit: c) thanks for the tip about installing the app, I’d always just used it in the browser before!

a) I know but if you don’t eat the butter, you won’t get from chubby to fat size. I mean some kind of gameover / endgame prompt when a player eats the butter before getting the frisbee because it blocks getting into the doghouse. What is interesting, I crawled inside, took the frisbee, then ate the butter inside the doghouse getting size “fat” and still managed to crawl back / get out.
b) Yeah, obvious one - as chubby you can get the frisbee I know it. I just wanted to report the loop on eating the butter before getting frisbee.
c) You’re welcome. I like the app because it allows you to update the games you’ve downloaded from there so you know when the new version is released.

Thanks for the feedback! I am already working on another game, but I want to take more time to develop more complex logic for the stuck situations. Also, I totally agree with your assessment about how easy it is to get to the highest fat levels. The game I’m working on has already some limitations and I’m working on some penalties. Also, thanks for the recommendation! I will absolutely check that one out.


unfortunately unplayable with the loop after the pancake lunch. Constant resets to chapter 4 when entering the kitchen


how did you get there?