A Huge Hallow's Eve (Collaboration project with Mr_stuffer_rpg_maker)


Download here from Itch - (A Huge Hallow's Eve by UrgUrgUrg, Grimimic)

Hi all! Proud to share with you all a project me and Mr RPg Stuffing Person Maker Person RPG Stuffing Guy Man have been making since September!

It’s a short Halloween themed kinetic novel with some casual ‘runner’ game-play tacked on at the eleventh hour.

I was trying out a lot of new stuff here with my new toy; Spine - including dynamic animation blends and character customisation. For his part RPG wrote an amazing script with characters you will love and wherein Every Single Female Character gets a bloated tummy. That rules!

-----Gamejolt Description-----

Gong the goblin and her best friend, the foul-mouthed fairy Fizzy, want to experience the human tradition of Halloween to see what they’re missing.

  • A script by Mr RPG Person Guy of ‘Unnamed Stuffing RPG’ fame

  • Visual novel style cutscenes with full animation

  • Appearance Customization for Gong and Fizzy

  • Runner gameplay where the jumps get increasingly difficult with Gong’s expanding waistline

  • Lots of shameless, shoehorned-in additional belly-related content


Some more info:

  • ESC quits the game
  • F toggles you out of fullscreen
  • S skips the current scene/level
  • Stay for the credits for some cool bonus content

Thank you very much for this game. That was fun :slight_smile:

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Thanks for playing! :slight_smile:

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Awesome game you two! Excellent work. Deffently had alot of fun with it :smile:

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Played the game last night, short and sweet! :wink:

For a minute though I thought they were gonna give up at the 3rd house. I’m glad they didn’t! :heart_eyes:

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I’ve played the game just now and everything appears to be working out fine. All except for the main character models. They don’t seem to render properly and just come off as boxy blank-faced beings. Can anyone help me on this? Loved the gameplay, nonetheless. It was simply amazing :slight_smile:

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That sounds horrifying! :scream:
Could you post/DM me a screen grab. It might give me a clue about what went wrong

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Here’s a screenshot of how it looks. Not sure if it’s my pc which is the problem or the game files but I hope there’s a fix. Thanks for the concern

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Amazing game!

I also had a bit of a laughter out of this too lol

The stuffing was hot and many characters I enjoy watching!

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I love this game so much!!!

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