Hefty Halloween everybody!

We at Weight Gaming would like to wish you all a happy, candy-enriched Halloween!

There are no shortage of Halloween themed games that can be found on the site from searching! A couple of recommendations from me would be to start with the excellent A Huge Hallows Eves series. Coined by UrgUrgUrg, PeachClamNine, Grimimic and others, this delightful suite of games features the ongoing candy-fuelled exploits of Gong and Fizzy!

A Huge Hallow’s Eve
A Huge Hallow’s Eve 2
A Huge Hallow’s Eve 3
A Huge Hallow’s Eve 4
A Huge Hallow’s Eve 5

Edit: And the latest entry to the series, A Huge Hallow’s Eve 5, has just been released! Go check it out already!

Each game promises a unique, quirky and charming experience! A must-play series!

And if you like RPG adventure games with an eldritch splash of cosmic horror then look no further than World of Horror, having fully released on Steam! This game is expanded upon by a meaty mod in the form of World of Fatties! by The FoxyDragon

World of Fatties mod for World of Horror

With over twenty events to fatten up your investigation runs, including the recent “Creatures of the Forest” update, now’s never been a better time to loosen your waistband and dive into the weird world of Shiokawa!

Once again, Happy Halloween and enjoy your candy binging, eveyone!

If anyone has some other Halloween game recommendations, do please share them below!