World Of Fatties - A World Of Horror Mod

What is World Of Horror?

As the name would imply, it’s a rogue-lite horror game heavily inspired by Junji Ito and Lovecraft, and with some inspiration from old text adventure and point and click games for its gameplay.

The Mod

Sure, a horror game wouldn’t be the first thing to think of for a fetish mod. But after really enjoying the game I found out how easy it was to mod it, just a question of modifying text files and making pngs, so here I am now!

My goal was to add fat fur and general fat/weight gain content while still trying to fit the game’s style and theme to some level, though some part of it are more fetish than horror, while others are the opposite.

As of now, only enemies and events can be modded in but I already have other ideas once more possibilities open up, such as an overarching story that I’ve already started with the current events.

The mod includes 8 enemies and 22 events, most of it is made just by me but 3 of the events also feature drawings from other artists!
Haradoshin -
Jo_TheCat -
Retouroboros -

Download link: World Of - Google Drive


This looks absolutely incredible! I love the art style and the way everything looks in the preview screen-caps. I was thinking about getting this game before but now I guess I have to commit and actually buy it lol :sweat_smile:


yoooo this is wild. Is it possible to add weight levels as “curses” and so on? Like the face and wound thing, but full body.

This also finally gives me an excuse to buy the full game.


honestly if it was possible to have a “Your are the horror” aspect to the game or something similer it would be even better


I’m deffo interested!


Spooky Fatty Horror, sign me the FREAK up!


Hope there is a non-fur option. Just plain human would be nice.


Absolutely loved this game, and when I played it the format screamed potential for kink fun.

I’m so hyped that someone creative felt the same way.


Going to sound stupid, but is the mod a free download or is it behind a pay wall (I can understand if so, but my god what is being shown so far looks amazing).


Horror mixed with weight gain is something that seems to be gaining a bit of traction as of late. I do wonder how this is going to play out, though.

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Do you have any modifications about the descended God? Or is the game still not allowed to modify the ritual of the final boss?

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This mod looks amazing! I’ve been following the game since its first demo (WORLD OF HORROR by panstasz) on and I just bought it on Steam during the Christmas sales.

Personally I’m not much a fun of fat furs (I’m very picky about how faces should be portraited to be appealing to me), but as long as at least the main character is human I’m fine with it.


Oh hell yeah, this game is awesome, and adding kink content to it would be pretty amazing.
Looking forward to some nice kink shenanigans, and hope the development goes very well!


Hope theres an option to be male or female

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Oh, neat! I’m a huge fan of World of Horror, and it’s definitely a great framework for some weight gain horror adventures!

I’ve actually been planning out a couple event cards and such on my own. If you’re interested in getting a hand with writing, just let me know and I’d love to help out!


I absolutely love this game and hearing this has me super excited, I’d even be willing to donate if it meant more would be made past what’s already been planned, and based on just the examples given it’s gonna be amazing! Keep up the good work!


Thank you for all the replies everyone! I’m glad to hear that this is getting some people interested in trying the game out, it definitely deserves the attention. ^^

I’m gonna try my best to answer everything I can!

Not as of now. Though the next update is supposed to allow playable characters to be modded in, so that might be one step closer to custom sprite modifications from curses and injuries at least.

Some of the events feature only human characters, and I’ve tried to keep a decent part of the writing vague in term of character descriptions.
But I’ve done the mod based on my own preferences and I’m not really planning to make a human only version.

The mod will be free to download once it’s released!

Only enemies and events can be modded in for now, and playable characters are gonna be next.
No idea about modded Old Gods though.

It heavily depends on the art style, but I generally don’t really like fat fetish art with human characters, hence why the mod is this way.

The game’s cast features multiple male and female characters, so I tried to keep the writing more vague to fit with anyone.
Though there are 8 of the events that are “dreams”/hallucinations where the character is furry no matter what, but I’m trying to keep the more detailed descriptions of that to a specific “story” choice each event.

The game has both male and female playable characters, I’ve tried my best to have the writing as neutral as I can, though on the other hand the art is mostly male furry characters.

Thank you for the proposition, I appreciate it!
I’ve already done most of the writing, but I’ll keep it mind when I start looking for parts that could be improved.


I was planning to get the game on the 1st anyways, but now im even more excited! ^^


I’ve been interested in this game for a while via friends and I’ll be interested to see how easily or not it can be modded.

As for furry themes, while I am not interested in that content per se, I think it is undeniable that themes like animals given human form by some otherword power, or a curse transforming humans into lazy, vile parodies of their animal vices would definitely be horrifying, fetish or not. If written well and in a way that fits in among the rest of the game’s content I think it would be fun regardless.


Eh, I’ll bite. Gimme 10 years to get the funds, and I’ll give the mod a quick skim. Although I’ve never seen your writing, I’m going to love examining it. While I’m at it, Might as well make some bit art to commemorate it.