A Huge Hallows Eve 5: finally out!

(If you downloaded the game but haven’t played it yet, nows a great time to redownload it! An autosave feature was added and daemons generally get more experience for less grinding.)

You may have noticed, Huge Hallows 5 released a dungeon demo just about exactly this time last year. Well, now, it’s finally done!

In the cyberpunk future, monster trickery has all be been eradicated. Gong & Fizzy must team up again and save the day, lest this become their dark future. And this time, they’re going to need some help!

Collect over 200 critters, drawn by artists like YOU. Artists from around the globe contributed to making this the biggest Hallows Eve yet. So many, in fact, that it took us over a full year to make all the content for it… Oh yeah and also you can feed them snacks and they get bigger and stuff.

You can download “A Huge Hallows eVe: Resident Piracy Gaiden” here!


I’m having a lot of issues with the plug ins that teach you skills. I buy some of them and don’t get the ones I bought- sometimes not getting any. The ones I’ve gotten to work have taught me different skills. “Coldfinger” teaches me “Snowy Day!”, “Flame Lash” teaches me “* Sample Effect” which crashes the game when I enter battle, “Zepperslap” teaches me “Cotton Candy Calamity”.

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I already said so on twitter, but congrats again on the release!

That being said, as with Scarecrow_Golem above I’m having that same issue. I bought a few of the plugins and they did absolutely nothing besides disappear from my inventory when used.

I’ve entered the dungeon for the first time, and upon trying to use one of the machines I also got this error.

In spite of the screenshots claim, pressing F8 did not show more info, in fact this was a complete soft lock.

I’m not super far in so hopefully things go alright from here on. But I figured I’d report those couple issues.

Edit: Did some more testing with the machine. Seems like it only fails sometimes. Which choice you pick doesn’t seem to matter.


Playing Fall Guys has made Gong too strong, and she now has the ability to noclip around every map.

Also yeah purchasing moves is all borked right now it seems.

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Ah that’s a nasty one. thanks for letting us know. This bug had the potential of corrupting important items in the game. A fix has been pushed so you should get the right items from the shop now.

The cybervend should be fixed too! @Sixes


Looks fixed yeah! Thanks for pushing out a hotfix so quick. I’m having a lot of fun with the game so far.

Also just came across this LOL

(I wouldn’t worry about changing it, if anything I think it’s really funny.)


Bug report: after entering into “Tenant mail room” and using action button on some crates I am getting this error:

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Hello - taking over bug-squashing duty from Peach while he sleeps.
This is an error message we’ve seen a lot that never seems to quite go away - it’s to do with Eli’s ChoiceManager plugin, going to try some stuff to hopefully banish it once and for all!

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This is just a minor graphical bug. The icon is some other creature than the one I caught.

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I was actually wondering if this was gonna get released, or we’d see Huge Hallows Eve 6 before a finished 5.
I am happy to see this finally coming out

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small bug here uuh

i was able to recruit these two (i believe on the third floor, when unlocking the next floor)


Pretty sure I’ve managed to sequence break and get locked out of a questline. I’ll spoil my explanation since it could be spoilers.

Basically it’s a couple things, before getting the scene of Gong glitching out occurs, I managed to trigger the dialogue with D-Pad about her glitching. Then I discovered the scene where she glitches later. I’m not sure if this has locked me out of anything, but when I ask D-Pad how I can help Gong, the dialogue box just closes and nothing happens.

I also unlocked the vampire and got a scene where she sucks on Gong basically immediately after recruiting her, which just seemed like it happened a bit quick? I’m not sure if that’s intended, just noting.

Lastly I got the pink duck for D-Pad, it’s in my inventory, but I can’t actually give it to her. I’m not sure if I’m just missing another step or not, but I kind of figured that would be what I should do.

I kind of feel bad reporting multiple issues but, I imagine you’d rather know than not. I am still having fun with the game, and can see how a project this big would have some hiccups. I think you guys did a great job honestly!

EDIT: Potential total softlock.

After reaching the 4th floor and then going to seen biggest ween, the game will turn black and never bring the screen back. Specifically after talking to biggest ween and leaving. The game still seems to be working in the background, the menu can be opened. But the screens just black.

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Noticed that while Scroll Lock can turn off growth, noticed that turning it back on, it stays the same as if Growth is off but certain things you interact with shows that Gong is growing. Also Teaching Skills doesn’t seem to show who i can teach it too, it uses it but doesn’t give skill. Loving the art, easter eggs and game overall! Specially the pokemon like catch em all monsters. Though wish you can select WHO you can catch rather it being random.

But thats my two cents!

Edit: Noticed the small Small icon that shows WHO it can work on, the skills I mean. Works fine but dang It was hard to notice when I was tinkering around

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skills should work on everyone. possibly there’s another bug or you are still using an old version?

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Loving this game so far, I was just wondering if there is a way to turn the lights on? I can barely see what’s going on in the maps.

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A bunch of bugs were fixed today! (including a nasty one where the intro video wasn’t respecting the Master Volume setting. Sorry for your ears.)

The damage formula has also been altered to reduce the number of one-shots. If this nerfs strong moves too much we’ll think of a different solution


Noticed that if you talk to the ghost lady more then once, you get more cellphones and im assuming that bricks the quest, since I have the purple duck but the option to give is there, it’s not showing I can give the duck. Like as if i never picked it up. Even went to an older save it was a one time thing. Also noticed Fizzy repeated ‘‘I know how to summon etc etc’’ and whatever option i pick it stays on a black screen


Sorry to keep throwing builds at the problem, but I pushed an update that edits the ducks quest to be compatible with old saves. It’ll check your progress and grant you the appropriate amount of duck credit.

you should now always be able to give the ducks, and phones to D-Pad. If you are still having trouble, zip up your save (in your www/save folder) and attach it to your post. I’ll poke at it with a stick.


Can’t get the enemy to do it again, so not certain what caused this, but I had a game crash when a Sus-iii attempted to use deflect in a battle where it didn’t have a partner. I assume it has something to do with the game being unable to recognize a target?

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I tried to use the skill items I bought and they just disappeared without teaching the skill.

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