Huge Hallows 4

Another Halloween and another Huge Hallows release! A collab made by me Grimimic, @Urgurgurg, and @Peachclamnine. Join Gong the goblin, and Fizzy the fairy once again for Halloween fun, or instead pick Briny the squid, Little Booger the slime, or returning character Incu the incubus from huge hallows 2. Compete against your friends with dice and minigames to be the first one to make it past the end of the street with with a stomach full of candy. And we do mean YOUR friends. You real ones. This game has freaking MULTIPLAYER! Peachclam9 being a codegod has worked like mad to get this feature working, and honestly It’s made this game so much better, so we’d like to give him a special thanks here for all his hard work.

If you play with others make sure you’re all on the same version. There will likely be multiple bug fixes being pushed out.

Special thanks to all our friends for the help

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Congratulations, all of you!


Now we will return to sand until we are needed again


Well before you do I found a glitch, whenever the AI plays a skip turn card, the dice rolling stops working for everyone.

(Also happy to see Incu back, he was a cutey <3)


Woooo! Super excited to give this a try!
(And it’s a small miracle I was able to get this together in time too @3@ )

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Hey all! Just uploaded a version 0.2 to the Gamejolt to fix a couple of bugs reported to me on discord.
If you’re planning to play online make sure you’ve all grabbed the same version or the fifth player at your table will be CHAOS!!


I found 2 small things.
When you use the swap card it asks you who you want to swap with then it asks you which two players you want to swap. Also the AI did this at the start.

Merry Spookmas <3 <3 <3

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I’m amazed at how you guys manage to push the envelope every year. It’s like Mario Party but the minigames are more like Warioware, which is such a good idea. Had a lot of fun, and I imagine it would be even moreso with a whole group!

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Had a go but I think I may have bugged the game twice, still fun though. :slight_smile:

The game is awesome but evry now and then it freezes

:pray: I broke network play in v0.3 please forgive me. I’m uploading v0.4 now. I also found a bug with syncing the card menu over the network. So now cancelling that menu will work when you are playing with friends.


Cute game! I think my only wish was that it was a bit longer? The little road you play on is really small and it’s pretty easy for someone to win without any looping. That being said it definitely doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, and wanting more is far from the worst issue a game could have.

All the art is really nice, and the minigames are cute!
I did encounter a bug with npcs erroring the game upon passing the chest, but it’s possible I downloaded an outdated version, I downloaded it right around the latest went up, and I have no idea if I got the new one or the previous.

This is a really nice unique little project!

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Super Cute! I can’t love the slime enough!

Also, it keeps crashing after crossing the finish line.

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I only discovered your other Huge Hallows games earlier this year and loved the variety. Thanks for making this a yearly tradition!


I’ve totally changed how AI card purchasing works to be simpler in v0.06.0 so hopefully this one’s addressed!

Fun fact: If you hit “Go back” on character select it asks if you want to start the game, and if you say yes it begins with all the characters invisible. (If you play like that it will eventually realize the sad state of affairs and crash.)

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That’s the saddest story I’ve ever heard D: Should be fixed now!

This looks like a really cool game! I’ve tried playing it, but I’ve yet to see the ending. I keep running into this error message.

(The scribbled-out part is my personal user name on my computer, I only blocked it for privacy reasons.)

I keep playing as Incu, either in 1 player mode, or quickstart single player mode. Additionally, I’m running Windows 8.1, with an older version of NVidia. Could any of those have anything to do with it?

What happens if you move it to a folder that isn’t tied to anything system related?
for example C:\HH4\

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I…am amazed that worked. Wouldn’t have thought of that. Thank you!

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