A Huge Hallow's Eve 3 - RPG Maker collaboration by PeachClamNine, GrimMimic and me

Hey all! Peach just mashed himself into paste pulling an all-nighter to get this ready and now I’m here to gently tap it over the line and take credit for the touchdown!

A Huge Hallows Eve 3
is the third in mine and @Grimimic 's ‘Gong and Fizzy’ series (1, 2) and the first with @PeachClamNine involved making custom RPG Maker code! Please give Peach your applause, I’m told some of this stuff was tricky!

Other credits:
Big huge collosal special thanks to the community members who made cameo content for this! Rocketshark, Fukureru-Shogun, Clinko, ShinDirafeh, Morbiose, Cakecatboy, Psyko, Juxtaterrestrial, Zinjinmeng, Poundforpoundacke, Agouti Rex, Hexalt, Rosewoodwonder, Shuaevae, VanCarcharias, Gravidtron, Smcakes, NyxenAvenger, Jared, OTHERS I INEVITABLY FORGOT AND NEED TO ADD LATER… you guy are all incredible!

@sometimescozy , thank you so much for our original theme music!

And thanks to Hymeros for being the voice of Fizzy!

As for the game, you’ll remember the formula from last year!
Dodge enemies! Collect candy! Use Candy to buy upgrades!

The main difference this year is you’ll only be playing as Fizzy instead of selecting your character, sorry for the downgrade :v

I’ll be on and off all day to squash any bugs people might find!
Have fun and (inspite of it being hellyear) Happy Halloween!


It’s a great game, but I search for 1 hour now and absolutely don’t know how to “kill” the office orc
Also she seem to be stuck in a corner

Oh dang D:

Are you able to buy upgrades from the scientist in the break-room, or is that borked?

Yup i buy all the upgrades
But i found how to beat her after I search in the files of the game

I’m glad! I’ll see if I can tweak the writing to make the process clearer!

Oh, jeez, you guys made a whole ass FPS this year XD

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For some reason I can’t pick up the candy corn ammo reloads, it just bumps me into an invisible wall. Also, this really needs a way to take it out of fullscreen, because there’s no ‘quit’ option unless you tab out and right-click it on the taskbar.

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. Although there still isn’t nearly enough ammo to deal with the enemies.

This needs a LOT more explanation on how the controls work. I still don’t think I can get the flight to work properly, I can’t gain altitude unless I mash against a wall and slowly creep up it. And I have no idea how to use the flashlight at all.

How did that goblin reach?

@rumpel Try talking to the scientist in the break room about upgrading your weapons!

@Korota Ugh sorry for the lack of explanation on flying, you get used to these things in testing and forget they’re a weird mechanic. You’re not supposed to gain altitude while flying (though mad props for finding a way!). The puzzles are designed around you finding high ground then using that to get to other high ground!
Peach just made some tweaks to the wording/timing of tutorials that might make things less confusing for future players

I dont know where the yellow key card is, does anyone know?

My frames per second on this is horrible. I’ve increased it’s priority and lowered the render distance to 10% what more can I do?
I am NOT playing on a literal potato

It glitched a little near the end of my run, where it sometimes wouldn’t acknowledge me firing the candy corn gun, but if I just swapped to another weapon and back it’d eventually work again.
Also, the flashlight does nothing.

Aside from that I had fun with it.

Gingerbread gun.
You trade in the files in the Break room for it.

Does anyone know how to activate hidden walls? And how to get out of softlocks?

OH I just remembered. They’re in the warehouse, at the exec door near the conveyor belt

Two bugs to report:

  1. If you choose to retreat, Gong’s skinny photo appears instead of… the other.
  2. Spoilers: If you retreat from the CEO boss fight, the door won’t reopen at all, nor can you reboard the elevator to leave.

I’m excited for this but it’s like really unplayable in this state for me. The framerate is terrible in some levels and combined with the 2.5 D sprites I keep getting attacked by enemies I can’t see or turn towards.

Neat game, but I’ve got no clue how to activate things since E makes me, uh, turn right.

EDIT: whoops, turns out it’s Z.
I think my #1 complaint about the game is that you can fire too much candy corn at them and waste your ammo, because it doesn’t count as hitting them if you hit them while they’re already eating.
When I first ran the game, I shot something like 22 candy corn at the first enemy, thinking they were just durable.

EDIT2: Yeah, got stuck in the same cell as the poster above; that cell needs to go, 50/50 softlock pits are definitely no bueno. My save isn’t TOO old, but it’s still enough to take the wind out of my sails and quit the game for the night.
Overall I like the game, though it’s definitely got a lot of jank, BUT far less jank than I’d expect for an FPS in the RPG Maker engine, holy moly.

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I’m both so angry, and so impressed by the game being an fps. At first I assumed it would work fine on my surface pro because of the low req for running it. Talk about Trick! Great game though. Quit after the hole softlock after I collected the final keycard. Funny part about that one is that I told myself that I should avoid that hole after looking down it, and then, well, you know the rest.

This game is really impressive. I know you’ve done some “kind of 3d” stuff in the past, but a first person shooter was not what I expected your next title to be lol. My only problem is that I get super hard lagspikes seemingly at random, nothing seems to provoke them in particular, other than movement and panning the camera, they just happen every 6-10 seconds of smooth gameplay. I dont know if there is a way to fix that given that its running on RPGmaker but there could be ways to minimize it maybe? Its playable, but its missing that smooth doom movement that its trying to imitate.
The gameplay is fun and it has weight gain/feeding as a primary mechanic so its also an actual weight game too. The mechanics of “shooting” enemies also works fine and so does the flying puzzle stuff and the buttons.

One specific thing I wish the game did though was let you read that instruction page as long as you wanted and maybe give a little mini tutorial as well. I barely read half of the info before I got kicked into the game directly in front of an enemy. You could play elevator music during the tutorial and it would be pretty funny right after all of the epic synth and backstory for Fizz.

One specific bug I did get was that I had an “rpgsave issue” or something I should have copied it down I will if it happens again