Modern Gains?

Check out the poll at the bottom, which can influence what I work on moving forward.


Ah dang, I was starting a game like this and you beat me to the punch! That’s ok, though, I’ve barely started playing yours and I can see it’s already put together way better than the game I was working on.

Anywhomst, welcome to the Twine gang and congratulations on your first game. Here’s to more to come in the future!


found an error. dont know how people normally report this tuff so im just goona copy paste in the text. This showed up when i went to the beach hut: 0 / 10
Day 3 Month 1
$ 150
Error: cannot find a closing tag for macro <>
You head down to the Beach Hut, a local beach bar and grill. Unfortunately its closed.

You head down to the Beach Hut, a local beach Bar and Grill. You are greeted by a tall, built woman, who looks over at you and nods politely at you. “What’cha getting?”

also im pretty sure i wasnt losing money for purchases made at downtown. pretty good game tho id love to see where this goes

Thanks for the kind words!
I say go for it, or at the very least, find some way to mix up the formula and make it yours, the more games that exists the merrier


Thanks! Found the error, dumb mistake, I’ll upload the fix. Where are you getting stuff and not losing money?


Speaking of which, I found a glitch while buying ice cream:

Also, buying a pastry from Puff Pete’s sends you to your kitchen.

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ok after some looking around it seems to only be the everything burger and the mega milk coffee, tho I haven’t used the gym yet and i haven’t completed the everything burger

Fixed some dumb issues, nothing too hard to fix


Yeah, the funny thing about twine is that it’s easy to miss glitches, but when you do find them they are usually easy to fix.

Sweet i’m glad my game inspired you! Looks great so far, keep up the good work!

P.S. the treadmill at the gym had some errors about missing brackets for logic statements.

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I played briefly, and it’s pretty punishing…Not exactly an easy thing for a casual player to get into, if that’s how it starts. 2 edits I’d advise: ingest is misspelled, and the dollar sign is on the wrong side of the numbers (it’s supposed to go on the left). Sorry if I’m being critical, just wanted to point them out for future reference.

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Not bad for a start! I agree there should be some more UI help, like staying how much fullness a food gives, body stats easily, and how much money each job gives.

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Hey, no worries about stuff being critical, this is a very rough early build, so pointing out the mistakes here is just what I want!

It does seem like fixing some UI elements is in order, so that’ll be something to do for the next update thing


Also an explanation of what each stat does.

What does charm do? How do I increase my stomach size? Why does my description in the mirror say I’m flat-chested, and the gym tells me my breasts are big enough to bounce and hypnotise?

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At the start of the game there is a quick disclaimer explaining some concepts and elaborating on some things, but I can explain a bit here. Theres 3 main stats Body, Mind, and Charm. Body is everything any anything to do with your physical form, and influences your dexterity, strength, endurance, all those things. Mind influences your mental abilities, and memory, perception, all that jazz. Charm is your influence over people. Its not only physical beauty, but also your ability to manipulate people and how trustworthy you seem. In future updates there will be more events where stats will be relevant.

As of right now Charm is only really used for the Everything Burger employee relationship events.

As for increasing stomach capacity, the non-spoiler explanation would be to head to the library and do some reading, then you need to make sure your body is ready for all this eating. The spoiler explanation is Read scientific journals until you find the one that talks about competitive eating and water bloating to increase stomach capacity. At the kitchen you can do a water bloat. You’ll only be successful at doing it if your body stat is higher than your stomach capacity. Hope this can explain things a bit.

As for the boob thing, that’s an error I’m going to have to fix, so thank you for informing me of it.


I haven’t been able to get the water bloat event working. I tried making sure my body stat my stomach capacity, even going as far to barely eating anything whatsoever, but it still said it was too much for me. Also, something weird I noticed that when I tried a playthrough with a character who mostly just ate slices of toast and worked out on the machines, my character was described as very wide-hipped and jiggly despite her diet, and the stomach description saying her body was incredibly thin. Not sure what caused this, but it was strange.

I do like what I see so far though. I enjoy the gameplay and descriptions, and I hope to see more content and fixes added in the future.

Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying it!
I’ve been working on a major update which adds ways to tell what certain actions and events do better, what food influences what body part, and ironing out a few issues. It should be ready to roll out soon, but want to add enough content to make a replay worth it.
I’ve done some testing on the matter, and can’t find any particular issues, but the new update should be better at informing you on what might be wrong.
How things are working right now there isn’t much connection between the body parts and their gain so thats the cause of the krabby patty Squidward body type. There’s also no content involving muscular body types, or other effects of working out or lack thereof. Although I’m putting it on the list of things to do now.


I’m trying to figure out how to increase body ((or if what I’m doing is increasing it)).

Reading health magazines increase body, and so does exercise. In the next update it’ll be far easier to know when stuff increases


Question: Is that number at the top your fullness? Also, I was wondering, but would a warning before you overeat be in order? A person would feel pretty full/stuffed, so it’s a little odd that the PC would keep eating until she gets sick.

Really good game, so far. Eagerly looking forward to the next update.

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