Stuck in School - a Text Adventure

Play the game by following the link below:

This is a proof-of-concept game that introduced me to Quest.


It was a small story, but I definitely had fun playing through it. Definitely good for a little 15 minute or so game!


This is great! I love the story. Only downside is I seem to hit a few errors, but judging by how they’re worded, I think they’re simply beyond the parameters of the story that is finished.

Like this error:

Error running script: Attempt to set state to 3 for outfit_1 (max 2)

(Which I managed to run into after being stuck then unstuck inside the play house.) The consequence of this bug seems to be an inability to undress after crawling through the playhouse?

edit: another bug is "Error running script: Error compiling expression ‘Contains (hole,)’: SyntaxError: Unexpected token “)”; expected one of “NOT”, “-”, , , <STRING_LITERAL>, “True”, “False”, <HEX_LITERAL>, <CHAR_LITERAL>, “null”, , , “(”, , “if”, or “cast"Line: 1, Column: 16”
But that’s probably just because you stopped making the game before writing a zach description?

Is there anywhere that would be good to follow you? for potential new stories/games/sequels/etc? You can’t seem to follow authors on itself.