Edypos is a jRPG build with RPGmaker MV featuring Monster Girls with small dating sim elements.

Edypos - once a thriving plane of existence, civilization has all but gone. In its place, nature’s spirits gained material form, reclaiming the desolate lands. A weak disembodied soul, you have awakened to explore this plane. The world of Edypos however is a dangerous place to traverse alone. In order to exponentially increase your chance of survival, you will need the help of Waifs.

Displaced spirits of nature, taking the form of humanoid creatures are called a Waif (from the Old French: Guaif, “stray beast”). A living creature removed, by hardship, loss or other helpless circumstance, from its original surroundings.


GET IT HERE https://shindirafeh.itch.io/edypos

Any form of assistance will be very much appreciated.

Here is a link to my discord dedicated to the development of the game:

Credits to Moghunter, Yanfly, Victor Engine & Galv for the game plugins.

moemon weight gain version

I’d be happy to help with writing if that’s something you need help with.


This looks like very promising! Looking forward to seeing further development and I would be glad to assist, but I am pretty new to coding.


If you have questions on how to do some rpgmaker stuff let me know. I’m not going to lie and say I’m an expert but I’ve done enough fumbling around with rpgmaker by now to know a little bit about making it fat.


Are you a human or some kind of alien


So am I hahaha, crash coursing as I proceed.

Thanks for noticing!

I do have a discord mainly dedicated to the development of this project

Here is an invitation if you don’t mind:


Thank you! What says you about using the TP and mana bar for fats?
Or do you feel that a variable for weight/fatness per character is better

Btw I do have a discord mainly dedicated to the development of this project
Here is an invitation if you don’t mind:



The only human character in the game, now the challenge to make a multipurpose self-insert character interesting yet not enough to get too much attention.


Happy to see you on the forum! The game looks real interesting so far, I look forward to seeing how it will develop. I wish I could offer direct assistance to you, but I am involved in way to many projects rn and do not have RPG maker as I am kind of cheap :sweat_smile:.

If you have any questions on things like project management or versioning systems feel free to ask me. I know those tend to kill a lot of projects and I am always happy to offer advise/teach where I can.

Also, quick tip if you are going to post a discord invite link you may want to post the full link so users can click on it to join your server like this one for Weight Gaming:


When you post the full link you get this, and you don’t have to copy and paste it into a browser to join:

So to sum up, welcome to the forums and best of luck on your game!


The Discord invite doesn’t seem to be working. This idea sounds cool though. Will there be lots of chubby slime girls? Those are my favorite monster girls.


There will be slime girls for sure!

Updated the link as I realized it became invalid earlier
Anyway, here’s the updated link:


Here is an updated screenshot of the game as of 6th August


Another update for the tutorial level.


The Unnamed Stuffing RPG has a custom script for managing weight that was partially written by me. For that game’s specific game mechanics we ended up using TP to represent ‘fats’ but smart use of Common Events and referencing variables with another variable would have ‘a variable for weight/fatness per character’ work just as well.

If you need any eventing / programming assistance I’ve been using RPG Maker projects for like 18 years now! I’d be happy to show you tips and tricks or write something that makes managing your video game easier.


Ahhh, so you were the one who helped MrRPGmakerGuy write the plugin!


this is perfect!! beatifull.

i love it!!


Ya @PeachClamNine is our resident RPG Maker plugin guru


Another update.
I managed to get the form shifting working -based on the character’s size(in this case, level)







The game is amazing,i finished the demo and i like it also i found some bugs:

one been,when you use open fire will consume you a baton round in fight but when you finish the fight you have all the baton rounds,at least in the first floor

When you fight with the wolfs and use the meat,the meat numbers dont decrease