Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

As for the bugs, some other players have notified me about them as well.

Those will be stamped out on the next release!


Allright,until then you will have my support =3


Interesting! I know Deci is more of the Crutch character for the demo, but it feels like the items don’t really do much damage as her skills do. Other than that, that was a really good demo you put out there!


Thank you for the support, I’m glad you liked it.

That said, I guess I made Deci too powerful as a Crutch character.
The power void later in her absence will be felt, until you train up ur new Waifs.


The wolves were a pleasant surprise, and I’m kind of enjoying Lilith so far. I hope that there’s more like this coming.


Glad you liked it!

I will resume development this week, rest assured that more will be coming in the near future!


Hey guys, Shin here!

The final Demo is now ready!

Here it is:


Ok, that bonus boss fight… man that was an interesting concept.


Thanks for playing it FatAzureDragon!

Did you manage to beat the bonus boss?


Keep forgetting to say congrats on getting the final Demo done!


If it’s the B.B.W, yes, on my first try too.

Mind you, I ran out of meat part way through and found out the rest of the mechanic of the fight.

But if it’s the one behind the locked door, sadly I have not fought it yet.


Thank you! Now onto developing the rest of it ahahahah


Ahh nice! I hope it wasn’t too tedious.

Anyway, the combination lock is just something for me to debug, and to mess with the minds of the players hahaha.


should of figured, considering I didn’t find a single clue relating to it.


Finished the demo once again,the B.B.W. (nice pun) was hard but was fun,also the gambling coin could do more than gambling,maybe damaging them more if win,idk but i enjoyed it


yeah I like the game, can’t wait to see the full release, tried to fight the B.B.W. but lost, I’d like to see more of the final boss of the first chapter, even possibly a redemption, and a larger form of her later.

but the biggest thing, I like the evolution system, kind of reminds me of pokemon, I’d like to see more feras being recruitable, I mean I’d love to have a B.B.W. on my side for example


The download keeps crashing, so I can’t play the game.


As a long time fan of your art, i enjoyed this game (final demo release for future reference), while i think the gaining should take a bit more precedent in the game, i enjoy what we have right now. It does what a demo should do, makes me want more :slight_smile:


Mind if I see the screenshot to see how was the crash like?

Hopefully we can resolve it somehow.


Thank you! Glad you liked it!~

Yea about the coin, tbh I was testing if I could implement the minigame properly.
So far it’s successful, so I can integrate it into others stuffs in the future.