Don’t worry if you can’t defeat it on your first try. She was meant to be a bonus fight for fun.
Also, Lilith will make a return in later encounters when you eventually return to that tower.

Hahaha I agree with you that the form shifting feels pokemon-ish.

More Feras will be show of course, but I guess out of the Party cast, the other feras helping you will be in the form of a skill.


Thank youu! Glad you enjoyed the demo.

More gaining will be there in the future! Stay tuned!


I rate this 4 sassy black womyn out of five.


Aw hell naw! I mean, I Thank you!


I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I have to say, this shows a lot of promise!

The character drawings are good, the controls are sound, the area design is good so far and the combat is definitely more refined than other RPGs of the expansion-fetish persuasion. I’d complain about how the Wayfarer’s moveset is almost completely item-centric, but neither the items themselves or money for the shop have exactly been scarce.

My only real gripe is that Lilith turned her back on us so soon; we take her under our wing, nourish her, take care of her and give her a bipedal form and THAT’S how she repays us, eh!? I should’ve known someone with THAT many healing moves would be too good to be true…

Regardless, I’m stoked to see just where this can go from here!


I think Lilith is going to be returning later, so look forward to that.


Very good, the combat was well fleshed out and enjoyable and I’m already hooked into the interesting world you’ve crafted and ready to explore it. Cant wait to see the rest.


I remember checking this out and being really excited about what could happen next. Im pretty glad I wasn’t disappointed with the new demo and i just cannot wait for more. Keep it up ^^


This might be one of the most well-polished projects I’ve ever seen. Intensely interested in seeing how this goes forward!


Heya there! It’s never too late to try and give feedbacks!

Thanks for the compliments! It wasn’t exactly easy to find time to produce art while doing the game development at the same time but I’m glad it was done!

-Since the Wayfarer cannot get stronger via leveling up, I was a bit more generous in the item acquisition. Guess I was too generous for your taste haha.

-Lilith is meant to be a demo character to demostrate the leveling mechanic and such. But I’m surprised that she was unexpectely popular. I’ll make it so that she’ll be encountered in the future.

We’ll continue working hard!


Hey, I respect someone who can tolerate producing every asset of a game. You’re quite the wizard.

-I’d probably regret it if I was the party responsible for decreasing the item rates, since I really had no right to complain (I was using the batton rounds a LOT, to put it simply).

-I DID figure out pretty quickly after playing that Lilith was just an intro character, but that didn’t make her sudden but inevitable betrayal sting any less. She LEACHED off of our kind slime woman, man!

Thank you very much for the acknowledgement. Have a good day and keep being brilliant!


Yea, asset creation is a drug.

No worries abt the items thing. Game balance is an iffy thing that requires countless trials and errors. :+1:

Yea, Lilith is the ingrate that bites(stings) the hand that fed her. :smiling_imp:


:eyes: is that a spoiler?


Are there any plans for any side stories for each of the Edypos girls once the game is complete? It would be nice to see stories staring them as they get to their huge sizes.


Is it? If it is I could delete the comment if you want.


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No worries, I’m just kidding.


Thank youu! Glad you liked the world building, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking up and redesigning it.

It is my hope that this will be a game that is not just played for fetish contents.


Glad I didn’t disappoint.

Stay tuned next year for more!


I’m glad you appreciated it! Polish is important, it shows how much love, heart, tears, sweat and soul were poured into something.