Well I meant story as in like the stories you do on Deviantart, like the K-ON Milestones one, but glad to hear.


Ahh, that’ll depend of the writers. I am a B+ grade writer at most heh.


I gotta say, I’m deeply in love with this game, I cannot wait for the full release (especially the harpy carácter since I love pear-shaped gals ewe), I was also going to offer my help with the project since I’m an aspiring writer, but I don’t want to mess this up with my terrible writing ^^Uu


How do you run the game on MacOS? Whenever I try to run the game the computer says. “The application “Game” can’t be opened.” Someone please help me.


Hmm, you’re not the first one to encounter this issue.
It will be great if you could show me a screenshot of the error message.
I’ll take a look into that and the error message could greatly help me.



@ShinDirafeh Heres the message.


Hmmm, perculiar indeed. Seems to be a file permission issue, are you by chance using Mac Yosemite 10.10+ ??


No I’m using High sierra 10.10+ @ShinDirafeh


What will the final sizes of the characters be? Will it be similar to the usual final sizes you draw like the Cattleya sequence in Controller of Weight you did? Or something more realistic?


Thanks for letting me know, I’ll look into the issue.
Though it seems like the fix will be to compile it in a Mac which I do not have at the moment, so I’ll need to find alternative solutions.


Ehhh that one might be a bit too much hahaha.

It’s not complete yet, but here is a preview of a doodle of their final sizing



@ShinDirafeh Thank you for looking into it I really appreciate it. I just can’t wait to play your game!


Eh I guess it could be fair to see them achieve humongous sizes in side stories you could do rather than in game, or unlocking ridiculous sizes via DLC.


So any idea of that sweet release date?


Before the end of this year. Heheh