Project Gaia

Written in RPG Maker MZ, Project Gaia is a survival adventure. You play as Sora Starchaser, a surveyor on an exploration mission ambushed by pirates in deep space. Now the sole survivor and stranded in orbit over a strange planet, you must brave the mysteries of the surface below if you are to find the materials to fix your ship and get home.

Check it out!

Discord is up and building. Please join to help out with bugs and tracking progress on the game.

Disclaimer! This is an adult themed game. Both the game and discord server is 18+ only.


Glad to see you made it, again good luck :+1:.

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When I got to the biggest size and got put in the med bay I couldn’t move or interact the menu.

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Getting this error upon starting the game:

Same problem here, when I use the medbay to Restore the game freezes.

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Same here. although, unless you turn on the weight gain option, medbay works as normal with no issues.

I’m hoping that v0.0.3 is a hotfix to solve that. If it still crashes for you in the medbay, hop into the discord to report the bug and share your specs if you can.

Antivirus flagged and quarantined the file VisuMZ_4_AnimatedPictures.js as harmful and loading the game with that missing file gave me the same error. I had to go back and unflag this with my antivirus software then redownload the game and it worked fine.

I am currently using the Visustella MZ plugin suite, and while I was learning which ones I wanted to specifically use I have loaded all of them into the project. This particular one was not being used or uploaded into the game itself so I removed it. It will be in the minor release for this weekend.

If anyone else does come across a virus flag due to a .js file, please join my discord and post it in the bug reporting so I can track it better.

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I got it working, and so far this seems like a pretty neat game.
Nice to have a sci-fi game for a change.

I gave it a try and I really like the concept. If you want some advice though, it might help to explain the stats better. Also, when you reach dist 10 and get sent back the dist doesn’t reset until you go back to the planet and do something, which means you can’t use stuff in your inventory until then. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes!

The item recipe machine seems to be giving me XP, while the anomaly scanner’s data analysis option seems to do so as well, but a lot less. I’m also not sure what AP is that you get when you win a battle?

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A cool feature that must be built into the item crafting plugin I’m using, but had no idea it was providing. I definitely would like to balance it so that data analysis is providing more xp. Could you drop some screen shots in my Discord of how much the crafting is providing so that I have a single place to track it?

This is very interesting! I can’t wait to see the other distortion effects added. The gameplay is decent, although a better tutorial could go a long way. There is a lot of junk on the ship, and there isn’t much that distinguish functional and usable things from decoration and repair-able things.


The Idea works well it is a bit slow to builds up the items to fix the ship and it took me a bit to found how to fix things.

Love the game so far, you have a really good foundation for a game and it’s already fun to play. I didn’t realize at first that some resources can be connected multiple times, but I caught on to it pretty quickly.
I, of course, would always like to see more progression images of maybe suit upgrades to either make the distortion affect you slower or to increase the amount of distortion you can receive ( and hopefully get bigger).

All in all, great game and super excited to see what else you do with it!!


You’re on target. I currently have a few new scanners (weapons) and suits (armor) to help setup the crafting and how random encounters are being handled. There will be a vast improvement there, including new skills, researching new abilities to use, and crafting several types of equipment. First minor release is planned for this weekend. I post my current progress with the upcoming version on my discord channel. Glad you’re enjoying it!


Very promising so far!

The art is great, and I’m glad to see more sci-fi settings.

There’s a handful of UI issues I encountered that could use ironing out. The GB counter seems to stop counting and only displays “A lot” once you’re over 100, which is annoying when trying to see the required amount for research which can be in the 1000s. As well, in the research area, just interacting with something or selecting an option to find out what it does can be enough to accidentally spend your GB points, so it’d be nice to have a confirmation before making any big purchases

Thank you!

Feel free to jump into the Discord. You can see the artist and links to their patreon and DA, and you can track the progress towards the next release. A lot of those issues are on the list!

Looking for pregnancy, breast expansion, ass expansion, hourglass, or blueberry illustrators to add art content to the game. I have reference art and descriptions for the main character. Illustrations will mainly be full portrait, cell or soft shaded color with transparent background to fit into the gameplay. Please let me know if you or your favorite artist has commissions open!

Check out the link to my itchio project, which also contains my discord server. If any non-artists would like to recommend their favorite artists in these or even similar genres. Especially if they are currently active and with open commissions.