What does it take to have a project on the curated list?

Hello! I’m proud to be working on my first game and this forum has been amazing for showing it off to players. I’ve added the game to the user maintained list, but I’m also seeing the Projects and Curated Projects sections.

I already have my post doing pretty well in the Projects section, but what is the difference between that and the Curated Projects? Are these games only worked on by Weight Gaming moderators? Is there a submission process for having a game also under the curated side?

I’ll paste my entry I’ve made for the user-generated game list:

  • Project Gaia - Rpgmaker, stuffing, wg, female, in-development, science-fiction



Here is the difference between projects and curated project.

I get that is the one-line, summary description given for the category. However, there isn’t any further explanation towards who in Weight Gaming selects which games to be curated, what criteria they follow to make that decision, and how they interact with the developers once they make their selection.

Does a game have to have a certain number of downloads or views? Can the game be in development, or does it have to be marked as completed? How active does the developer need to be, or what happens when a game or developer goes inactive for a certain amount of time? Are there conditions that have to be maintained for a game to remain on the curated projects side?

Can the users and members of the forum nominate games, can the dev post their games here freely, or how do you contact the moderators in order to request that your game is considered?

These were some of the questions I was wondering when I saw the two different threads for projects.


Good day @MajesticBlueFalcon

To answer your question, we do not have any hard or fast rules on how we decide on what projects go into the curated project category or not. The current process is you have to apply for the project reps role under groups. You can find it here:

We then evaluate if your game complies with our rules, how popular it is, and where it is in development/how consistent development is looking. We then discuss internally if we feel the project should have a curated category.

In general projects we pick we either feel deserve to be highlighted or have so much traffic that them having their own category is warranted from a standpoint of just keeping the site organized.

That all being said we are being a bit more stingy with it due to the fact we plan on phasing it out with a new system that will be integrated in with the main site.


Thanks for all the information, this helped to answer my questions. I’ll fill out the request.

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