Archerquest - Stuffing/Weight Gain/Burping centric RPG

(Formerly Super Turbo Ultra Fantasy Force)

Autumn is a young woman with an unusually large appetite and a penchant for archery living with her father in a secluded mountain village. However, when her father mysteriously disappears in the night, she sets off on an adventure to find him.

Embark on a journey of epic portion sizes as Archer and her crew get their butts (but mostly hers) into a cornucopia of trouble in



This game features mainly stuffing and lots of burps, with some slight weight gain. As this is the first release, there might be more or less of any one of these fetishes (as well as the potential for more) in future content updates.


  • Autumn (Archer):
    A spirited young woman who lives in a small mountain village with her father. She practices archery and has an unusually large appetite…

  • Merc (Mercenary):
    A wandering, reckless mercenary long estranged from his old party. He travels the land in search of people who need help, which coincidentally leads him straight to Autumn.

  • Ingrid (Mage):
    An Elven university graduate trying to find her place in the world after leaving school. She’s privy to keeping things bottled up and letting them all spill out at once.


Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a leftover event page that left an unescapable image on screen.


  • Game title has been updated
  • Title screen music has been updated
  • A bug removing the party’s items after the final fight in Gravelton has been removed.
  • Pops’s sprite has been updated. (Courtesy of @Sixes!)
  • Autumn images in the final sequence have been updated
  • Save prompt provided before the final sequence.
  • New download for Mac users!


  • Removed a bug where interacting with a Black Licorice Grunt in the Inn would crash the game.
  • Added a few lines to the introduction of the game declaring its adult status.


  • Chapter 2 of the story is now available! See what happens to Archer and Merc when they travel to the town of Fort Hyde! You might even find a new pointy-eared companion…
  • Upon completing the Fort Hyde main story section, two brand new side quests will unlock, including new images and side stories!
  • This chapter briefly features the brand new Chronosurge mechanic, which lets you use TP to move twice in one turn!
  • This chapter features a brand new food stance for Autumn: Meat Pie! Embody the spirit of a warrior and use its heartiness to protect your friends!
  • This chapter marks the introduction of the new campsite, which serves as a hub for you and your party members to hang out in!
  • Fixed an error where interacting with a certain stand runner in the farmer’s market would cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed the Stand Runners’ names in the farmer’s market.
  • Title screen has been updated

Grunko, for being a massive help in creating and writing the story.

@PeachClamNine for providing plugins and general assistance for RPG Maker!

@Caliginous_AD on Twitter for providing shop sprites and the design for The Merchant!

@Sixes for lending me a fantastic sprite for Pops!

All the bug testers that allowed this game to come out in a functioning state!

And last but not least, @Nerds, @clinko_clinko, and Yiannis for continuing to motivate me to work on this project.


This game goes hard Buckets’s characters are so fun

Play it play it play it play it play it play it


My body is ready to STUFF.


make her fatterrrrrr


A fun start to an interesting game. :smiley:

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kill bill instrumental for weapon shop !!!

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Amazing game. I just finished it. I hope the update comes soon. :+1::+1:


Probably, I’ve got cursed.
Restarting the game do not helps.


I’ll look into this. It shouldn’t be hard to fix, probably just a leftover event page or a missing picture removal. Sorry about that! You’ll just have to restart from your last save file.

Oh hey sweet Bucket’s game is finally out!

Just finished playing it myself. Took about:

image 1 hour and 12 minutes or so.

Though in fairness I seem to take longer in these types of games than most but still.

Now onto some review spoilers:

  • The amount of polish on this game is insane. I love the full body pop up portraits and the fact characters move their moves to talk.
  • Honestly this was very funny and got some good laughs out of me.
  • I love Autumn’s design and personality. Same with Merc as well. They have a good chemistry that bounces off of each other well. Excited to see more of this duo. Reminds me of Pro and Emmie from Some Bullshit. If Pro was almost insane and Emmie was way more mischievous. But they definitely are not just Pro and Emmie clones and feel very distinct.
  • Loved the little character intro’s with the splash art and music theme as well.
  • I liked the intro to this game’s story. It’s a nice way to pull the audience into the story. And left me with questions that I’m excited to learn the answers to. What happened to Autumn’s Father? What’s Merc’s background? What the heck are the Ravenous? Who is this Victor guy? And how fat will Autumn’s ass get? So many questions…
  • The Merchant was great as well. Love a character that has that dual mask thing going on with the Comedian and the Tragedian.
  • Overall very good music choice in this as well that helped elevate the scenes in the story.
  • I liked the grunts and their bandit leader (though she’s not the top boss it seems) was a nice to way to intro the combat. Which speaking of:
  • The combat I thought was very interesting. Had to balance how much I wanted to heal Merc vs just raw damage output. It’s an interesting system.

There were a few moments that I questioned if something worked as intended or not:

  1. During Merc’s intro there’s a little sparkle event that happens, but I can’t tell if it appeared late or just is that way on purpose.
  2. The basket lady in the very beginning of the game is meant to be talked to while facing down so that Autumn can leave. However if you talk to her from the side, Autumn gets teleported but both Autumn and the basket lady face sideways and not at each other. Might want to put another basket to the side of the lady, or change the directions of the sprites as they teleport.
  3. The very end reveal that Autumn now has a larger rear seemed to be blocked by the text on screen and I couldn’t really see what she was talking about too well until I looked into the mirror.

But overall yeah very great start to this game. I love the characters, plot and I can’t wait to see more.

I am also obligated to say that I was very happy to see a hobgoblin merchant in this game as well. Nice.


i ama very excited to GAME with ARCHER >;)))))))


Oh hell yeah! I love your adventuring party OCs, and had no idea this was in the works! It’s great to see Merc with so much passion, this has a lot of heart and I loved every minute so far. And with next update taking the gang to the elf kingdom…I have a guess who we might meet there >:)

That was an absolute delight to play, well done!


this game fucking rules and i am very happy and proud to have had an (incredibly) small part in its development

give buckets all of your money


I gotta say I was really surprised to see a new RPG come out. This was quite the amazing experience! The writing is very fun and the humor lands for me. I love the characters and the art design is top notch. You’ve got a real hit here, I’m excited to see the next chapter!


Wow, I saw your early work for this game but haven’t really kept up with it, so this was a big surprise.

And honestly? It’s amazing so far! Incredibly promising, the game didn’t last too long but I’m already endeared to the characters. Merc especially! His unabashed heroism contrasted by Autumn’s greed has made for a lot of fun interactions so far.

The humor is done really well so far, the ‘RPG Maker Wolf’ fight got a good chuckle out of me, placeholder or not. But so far, this game has an incredible amount of polish. The character cut-ins at the beginning really impressed me, I was wondering if they’d be used later on for bigger cutscenes as I noticed they got replaced with regular character portraits by the time you meet Merc. But in regards to the portraits, they’re all great too!

Just the art design in general too, it perfectly complements the vibe of the game! Slick and memorable character designs, great event scenes, and the Merchant? Amazing stuff.

I don’t usually write very long replies here, so I’m just rambling, but I really wanted to gush about the game. Really looking forward to future updates! If there’s anywhere we can support it, please let us know!


I don’t usually do big write-ups - or write-ups at all - but I really liked this game, so…


I’ve been anticipating this game for quite a while, especially ever since Bucket’s last game, which, while short, was very well polished for a little demo. Given these expectations, this game does not disappoint at all.

Of course, this game has the same amount of polish and attention to detail - if not more. Though I enjoyed all the usual bells and whistles - pretty animations, pictures, and whatnot - I especially liked all the little flavor texts.

(I’m the type of guy to scour every nook and cranny for anything or anyone that’s interactable, so that was nice to see.)

Party Dynamics

I thoroughly enjoyed Archer and Merc’s dynamic, they bounce off each other very well. They, as someone else said, have big ‘Emmie & Pro’ vibes, though, I will say, they still definitely distinct enough to stand as something ‘original’.

Also, I can’t wait until a certain Mage is added either.


Finally! I’ve been aching for some more Archer / Merc backstory for so long. This little introduction - short, though sweet - was full of intrigue and mystery, a lot of story beats that piqued my interest, such as with Zero, the Ravenous, and Victor.

Closing Remarks

I’m not gonna lie, this game really fills the Some Bullshit shaped hole in my heart - everything down from the characters, the music, and the oh-so-incredible-art has me practically swooning again - I can’t wait till the next update.

But until then, keep up the great work Buckets!


Aaaa! The reception from you guys has been incredible! So many kind words and anticipation! Thank you all so much!


I don’t know if this is the same particular instance, but inspecting the weapon rack(?) to the left of the merchant’s shop entrance pulls up the merchant menu including the image, but doesn’t clear it afterwards unless you can navigate half-blind to the merchant and talk to them properly.

Yes, the new hotfix should address this bug.


Well well this is the start of some thing FUN, the art work is good and the combat works well I can see were it can go then I like it Plus Autumn and merc work well as a team also I feel some big lore drops as the game goes on last Merchant design is so Good so I can not wait to see more.