What are the large completed WG RPG maker games?

A while ago I played “Timeless Pantheon” and “Magic Camp” from Tfgames and I was wondering if there are any large completed (or mostly completed and still under active development) rpgmaker games with wg mechanics on a similar scale? The closest thing I could think of is Lysithea’s Sweet Escapades and nothing else…

(No furry games please.)

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I have no idea what is “Timeless Pantheon” and “Magic Camp”. I am pretty sure they have nothing to do with weight gain, but “Project F.A.T.” almost completed and “Super Fatty RPG” completed.


Yes those don’t have anything to do with wg, they are just very well done rpg games aimed towards a different fetish.
I just listed those as large, polished rpgmaker games that are also fetish games. Since I can’t list such games with a WG focus, if I could I wouldn’t have asked this question.

Anyways thanks for the suggestions

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I was going to give brief descriptions of each game but I quickly realised I haven’t even completed half of them so here’s a big list instead:

And here’s some shorter/less completed games that I think are worth following development:

As always I’m probably missing a few but this should give you enough content to last quite a long time. If you want to see more big lists of links there’s the user maintained list of games and Krod’s weight gain games recommendation list you can check out.


Highly recommend checking out Apostles by WaxeRed.

Much more story-driven and less arcade-y. Weight Gain is a very slow burn, but god damn it’s rewarding. It takes some serious time to get through all the content if you’re a slow reader like me.


I’ve tried it a couple of years ago, currently waiting for the final version before I reply it again.

A LOT has happened in it the last couple years. WaxeRed was saying it could take several more years for the final version. Updates are big enough to be a new game in and of themselves most of the time.

It did seem pretty close to release… then recently I saw that it’s only in 0.10 currently, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw out almost everything.

Roughly how much content is in the current version?
Do updates tend to be save incompatible?

There is one that is still under development and it’s an MMO which is Weight World Online.

I think it is save compatible, but worth a fresh start.

Been a minute since I played, but I think the current version took me around 10 hours of in game time. Several days. (That being said I’m a pretty slow reader.)

Some of the characters are definitely getting up there in size, but might take another year or so for them to really get big.

Roundbound is alright… I bet the Dev who made it is super cool and awesome I think…


Another really good one currently still in development (but with like 15 hours of content right now) is ApocalypseXL by Zenthicks. It has a really good and interesting story IMHO